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When we were younger, my mum held my siblings and me responsible for keeping the house clean; this was because she stopped hiring house helps when we were all quite young. When she came in from work, she checked her kitchen first and then as she made her way to her room, she checked out our rooms. Trust me; we had learned the power of the focal point. All mum saw was the gas cooker, her sinks and the table top in the kitchen and once these were in order, we were great. It didn’t matter that we had stowed the dishes away, out of sight to be washed when we were done watching Voltron and Super Ted. LOL.  In the rooms, it was the bed. Once the bed was made, the room looked arranged. So we knew to ensure our beds were always made; the neatness of the room and mum’s approval was guaranteed if we got that one thing right. It didn’t matter that we shoved all our shoes under the bed and pushed our clothes into the wardrobes and eventually would need a whole day for spring cleaning. At that point, the bed was the room.  That was what came to me when I remembered this “As I make my bed so shall I lie in it”. But what is my bed? Think about it with me, when you open the door and view a room, the bed is the focal point, if the bed is well made the room appears to be in order.  So what is my bed? What is that thing that my life derives its order from? First of all, let’s go to the bed, how do I make my bed?

A complete pack of beddings consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a duvet cover and pillowcases. When the bed is made, it would look all so great and all you want to do is jump in and snooze. Imagine those lovely hotel beds for a minute, yes, that’s the exact picture.  At this point, for this exercise we are agreed that the ‘bed’ is the focal point and if it is well made, our rooms (lives) are in order, so let’s spend a little time talking about how to make this bed.

The first step is fitting the fitted sheet. Trust me, even when you buy the right size, say a king sized set for a king sized mattress, fitting the fitted sheet is hard. You need to lift the mattress and ensure that one end is well fitted and do same for other ends of the mattress, stretching the fitted sheet as you do so. It is a necessary first layer and could take some time and a lot of effort. But when done, you have a very smooth surface. Infact, as is, one could have the pillows thrown into pillow cases and enjoy a nice snooze. Next is the flat sheet, that is easy, spread it across , fit the duvet/comforter and fold over in whatever style you like. You could borrow one of Martha Stewarts’ famous rectangular folds if you like, and then the bed looks all set, and from the door, it looks so inviting.

Now, let’s look a little closer, when you sleep at night, you lift up the flat sheet and duvet or comforter et al. You sleep on the fitted sheet, that is the most necessary and was the most difficult to fit. If you are one of those karate type sleepers, you would likely find the duvet and flat sheet at the South end of the bed when you wake with your faithful fitted sheet still in order. Rarely would you need to go through the stress of laying the fitted sheet again until you change the beddings. It may be slightly ruffled and might need smoothening but the duvet cover and other sheets, you would need to re arrange every time you wake up.

Now, some of us are so excited about the beauty of the duvet, because of how attractive it looks, that we do not pay attention to the fitted sheet which is really what we lay on. Yes, your bed may look all nice and dandy when you get the duvet right but when you need to really lay your head down to sleep, what kind of bed have you made? When the vicissitudes of life come and you kick the surface duvet away, would you still have a fitted sheet in place? At the worst, a man who has a fitted sheet, and a bed well-made is better off than a man whose sheets all give way at the sign of any trouble. Better a man with a fitted sheet in place and no ‘effizy’, (one who took time to ensure the sheet fitted properly) than one who hides a poorly made bed under a nice duvet. Food for thought, when you lift that fancy duvet to sleep, what kind of bed have you made?

Each of us needs to determine what the focus of our lives is. What gives it its order? As a ‘bed’ is to a room in that sense, so is ‘XXX’ to me. Take that ‘XXX’ and ask yourself what kind of bed you have made to lie in. Have you ensured that your fitted sheet is in place or are you busy keeping up appearances, worried about look and feel and sleeping on a bare mattress when the lights go out and the duvet is lifted?

my bed 2

Let’s talk about the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities.  Ensure your bed is well made; take the time to put on the fitted sheet. Layer on the other sheets by all means as they become available but please, whatever you do, remember your ‘bed’ determines how orderly your life is. Your bed is the focal strength of your life, that thing you sort out that sorts everything else.

‘I don’t care what the cotton count of your bed sheet is. It could be highest quality Egyptian cotton or poplin, but whatever you do, remember that


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  1. I enjoyed this piece thoroughly, reminded me of all the short cuts my siblings & I also used to deceive my mom. Ha! But seriously, when I think of a well-laid bed for a good-night sleep, all I think about is the Marriot hotel beds. But from this read, I enjoy the metaphoric reference to one’s focal point – the bed at the centre – get the focal point of my life & other parts wld tidy itself eh. Nice one dear. 🙂

  2. As with all posts on here, this is very inspiring.
    I recall how my roommates back in uni disrespected my bed [I didn’t believe in well laid beds then] until, I had a change of attitude and started laying my bed before going for lectures and I was awed by the reverence bestowed on my bed by them. The life lesson there is, if you don’t treat yourself nicely, nobody would. And, here again, I am learning to focus my attention on the important things, else I will be distracted be many nonentities.

    1. Aww! I’m so glad dear, glad it did speak to you indeed. God bless us as we try to focus on what it struly important. As we identify the focal points and pay attention. Bless your heart.

    1. Thanks big sis. God help us to focus on what is really important. Reminds me of Matt. 6:33, seek ye first the kingdom of God and God’s righteousness.

  3. I’m terrible at making beds. It’s one skill that eludes me (*sigh). I get the analogy though. A hymn comes to mind.

    Firm as the tree roots that clutches the land
    He who has faith, Builds without worry
    Not like the man who builds upon sand
    I set my house on a solid foundation
    Christ is my rock
    The root of my soul’s recreation.

    1. LOL, really? I can imagine though. thanks for sharing this lovely hymn, and I’m glad it spoke to you. Bless your heart.

  4. Like I always say when I make an analogy on my blog, ‘it may be a bed, (in this case) but then again it may not’ I saw further than the bed you were describing! GBAM.

    1. Thanks Sis, you are absolutely correct. God breathes on the words and pursues them in the heart of the hearers by himself so they receive a message for them, not necessarily what you the writer may have intended. I am so glad you saw further than the bed, may the inspired words continually bless your heart. AMEN!

  5. For me my fitted sheet is my faith in God. My life is filled so many ups and craziness… and ‘karates’ but when all the dust settles I need to be sure I am hook on something or someone who would be resolute. Who would not switch on me like I would on me.

    1. Oh, great! That is my fitted sheet too, my foundation in itself. Thanks for dropping by, please do not be a stranger.

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