‘In His Time’

He has made everything beautiful in its time…Eccl 3:11

 Do we remember the song by the Maranatha singers?

‘In His Time…He makes all things beautiful in His time…

Lord please show me every day as you are teaching me your way

That you do just what you say in your time’

I’m writing this to encourage those of us that think that God is running late and perhaps are tempted to ask ‘God why me’?. Last night, I had a conversation with a friend who seemed to be asking God ‘why me?’ and who sometimes felt standing up for God hadn’t quite paid out. Just reminded me of Elijah, who after standing up to Jezebel felt that he was standing alone. Imagine,  this mighty man of God that had held back the rain by the word of his mouth was terrified by a woman’s threats and ran away. However, God said to him that he still had 7000 prophets besides him (Elijah) that hadn’t bowed to Baal. Sometimes, we feel in the face of trials like we are standing all alone or that God is unfair because we have no idea what others are going through. But truth be told, we aren’t alone, God has many children like us going through severe trials and believe it or not, God is in there with us like He was with Joseph in prison. The Bible records ‘ But the Lord was with him in prison…’Gen. 39:21

Like God knew what was going through my mind, just after that conversation, I got some really good news. When I was a kid, I had a nice Bible Club teacher; she loved kids so passionately and was simply fantastic. I remember some of the songs from her classes up until now, in fact I am unconsciously humming as I write. She even taught me the song “In His Time”, how could I forget? At the time, she was in final year I think and was engaged to be married to the head of the fellowship she attended in their university. She loved kids so much that she already had several books in her library which she had bought for her future kids library. She often shared them with us if we  promised to be very gentle and ensure the pages were not dog eared upon return. Not too long afterwards, they got married, lovely couple they were, both loving God and loving his people.

And then the wait began, for someone that already had a library for her future kids, serving and loving God alongside her wonderful husband, everyone thought the kids would come immediately. They both went into ministry and her kids’ ministry got even bigger and bigger and her husband was just as zealous as he had ever been. One year became two years and then five years, ten years, fifteen years and then twenty years and some…and then God answered and gave them their own child; a beautiful baby boy. As I looked at the pictures on Facebook last night, from the hospital to the dedication, my heart was leaping for the years of waiting and pain and grateful for the grace to continue serving faithfully. Their faces had aged from the last time I saw them, but I saw the triumph of God’s word and the amazing testimony. Why God made them wait for 20 years plus I would never know. Imagine if God told them, Mr. and Mrs., you’ll have your own kids in 20 years, just wait. They would never have worried. But you see waiting was the journey, their peculiar journey of finding peace in God so much that it ceased to bother them that they didn’t have their own kids yet. Yet amidst their pain, unlike discouraged Elijah who ran away, they continued, raising kids for the kingdom and leaving lasting legacies that they may have no idea of. Several of the kids she taught in Bible Club and Sunday school had gone ahead to have kids of their own; so imagine how trying that could have been for her. But today, God’s word stands true…and as I looked at the pictures, it was for me just testimony that God makes ALL things beautiful in His time. Not our time, because if it was our time, auntie would have wanted kids within the first year of marriage. She may even have had names for her children in her heart from the first year of waiting. No doubt, the path must have been rough, but I am certain that God gave them grace to get through and their lives blessed and encouraged many others as they went through their process. There is also the story of a dearly beloved Pastor I know and admire who God blessed with a child two months ago, after being married for 17 years, 17 years!!!

in your time 2

I don’t know what you are waiting on God for, please don’t give up on God and He won’t give up on you! He’s ABLE!!! Take your eyes off that need and focus on God in the waiting room. He always always comes through and He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. As I write today, I stand in awe of the God that is faithful through the ages, the God that never fails. As I think upon those pictures, I remember several examples from the scriptures of devout people that served God and had to wait. Thinking about how it was for Elizabeth and her husband Zechariah. The Bible records that they were devout people serving God, for Elizabeth, no doubt, people had labeled her barren. Just like people today may have their explanations for your wait…and honestly many times, those explanations are hurtful and depressing but that is man’s opinion not God’s. I encourage you to take your eyes off your circumstance and find rest in God. There are so many testimonies but I have shared this one to remind you that you are not alone, God will come through sooner than you think. He will always come through for you, He’s the same now as then. You may not know how, you may not know when, but He’ll do it again.

 Blessed is she that believes for there shall be a performance of those things which were spoken by the Lord (Luke 1:45)

Trust God, He is reliable and He makes ALL things beautiful in HIS time!


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  1. I cant forget how God used Luke 1:45 to talk to me during a very difficult time in my life & it still speaks to me even here. Thank you for a beautifully written piece – again. 🙂

    1. Awww my amazing sister, thank you so much. I am so glad it speaks to you still. God’s word is ever fresh and timeless in its impact. thank you for reading again. 🙂

  2. Hey sis, nice written piece. There are times i am bothered over issues and i just hear the song “He makes all things beautiful in his time”. Sis, if i hear dat song i no dey worry again. Welldone

  3. Beautiful and timely too!!!! His word will prevail over all as long as we don’t push Him to the edges but leave Him at the centre!

    1. Thanks my Viva L’Oge, truly, as long as it is about Him, His word will prevail. WE must shift our focus from our pain and focus on Him. Bless you my dear.

  4. Dear Eloho, thank you for another encouraging piece. God is faithful and ever true to His word. He shows up with perfect timing when we least expect it, in His own time.

    1. Thanks dear. I am very glad it encouraged you as it did me. “He shows up with perfect timing when we least expect it”.
      Yes, He surely does!
      More grace to you dear.

  5. everything, everything, is for His glory. We focus on our lack/pain rather than on His goodness. It is all about Him. And He is trustworthy. His promise is a blank cheque. In His time things don’t have a choice but to comply.

    Bless you for sharing Eloxie!

    1. Thanks dear Maxx. “In His time things don’t have a choice but to comply.”. Exactly!!!

      God bless you for reading.

  6. he certainly does make all things beautiful on his time! I just can’t help but wonder why they didn’t adopt? -I imagine a child without parents would have been so blessed to be raised by then…

    1. Yes, He does make all things beautiful. As per adoption, I think the reasons are diverse. First culturally, we have yet to see adoption as an option, for some people in god’s waiting room, they aren’t sure if it is a sign of a lack of faith especially for those that may have a clear word from God and are just waiting for the promise. Gratefully, things are better now, thank God. More people are becoming aware of adoption and I know several couples who adopted, some of whom subsequently had biological children. We will keep learning and getting better as a people. Hopefully, our generation will make a difference in terms of adoption even after having our own biological kids. Thanks for always reading and commenting. I appreciate you.

  7. Thanks for sharing this post. Its amazing how God sends His Words. I’m pretty sure this is a channel God is using to tell me TAKE A CHILL PILL. More grace to you dear.

    1. Thanks dear. I am truly excited that it was a timely post for you. God is amazing truly. So my dear, TAKE A CHILL PILL. God has you covered!!!

  8. This is one of my favourite verses in scripture. I learnt from my mum the importance of time, as per God’s time. She even had it on her wardrobe door: God’s time is the best. It’s a lesson that I’ve seen over and over again in my life, one being having to stay back an extra year in school while my friends went on to service year. The testimony that my life is, is born out of all the things that happened in that one year of being ‘held back’.

    Thanks for sharing this post Eloho. I pray the Lord makes everything beautiful for you in its time. Shalom!

  9. Lovely post sis! I bet everyone can relate. I’ve learned one of the key things God wants us to understand while waiting is to always remember it is for His glory. Whatever He wants to teach us is ultimately for His glory. Coming to that realization will make us focus more on heaven as the ultimate goal, besides sometimes the goal (need, desire) is actually the process itself. God bless u dear.

  10. I remember when I was waiting on God for the grade I graduated with,it took a lot of tears to come to the realization that God will make it come to pass in His own time and He did make it all beautiful in His time and it all fell into place..
    God is never late,He is always right on time and if we’ll just persevere,we’ll see the beauty of it all at the end

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