My Cold Shower

I love me a hot bath, to be honest, that’s something that will come up if I had to write a list of ten things I love. I cannot endure a cold shower.  I remember when I was in boarding school, I was one of those who needed to psych herself up to take those cold baths. I would sing, count from 1 to 10, just do something to get me to receive the baptism of cold water. Infact, those 2 or so minutes were subtly included in my bath time estimate (I chuckle).  My dad could never understand how after all that time in boarding school, I would still come home and refuse a cold shower.  According to him, I should have acquired the habit; well, I never did.  So, in the many years post boarding school,  I have stayed away from cold showers, far far away. Anyway, this background is necessary so you understand how much I treasure my hot showers and detest cold and even tepid baths. LOL.

Typically, I tend to get home late in the evenings on work days and thanks to the poor power situation, the generator runs in the evening and goes off at midnight. Typically, I come in, stop at the kitchen to make my dinner and then I get to my room, flick on the heater as I take off my shoes or stow them away and drop my bag in that order. I had done same thing, in the same sequence for so long that it had become second nature. However, last week, I got home quite late one evening and was really tired, so tired that I could not be bothered about dinner, I just  walked slowly to my room and took off my shoes, dropped off my bag, showered and retired for the night.

Next morning, thank God, I woke up to a bright new morning. Have I said that my morning routine is somewhat timed? My bath time gives me just enough time to shower and head out to work and the schedule presumes that hot water is always available. So I turned on the shower and a blast of cold water hit me. Oops, was I stunned? I checked to be sure that the faucet was turned to hot, yes it was, but the thermostat on the heater showed cold. Blast! I had forgotten to hit the heater switch previous night. I failed to spare a second or two to just turn on the heater switch whilst I took off my shoes and now I had to have a cold bath. Can I hear you ask me about old fashioned putting water to the boil? No way, remember that my morning regiment is timed? I would have been really late for work had I attempted to have water heated by any other means.

That day, as I drove to work after enduring that cold shower (and yes, if you are wondering, I still had to sing LOL), I started to think about how forgetting to do that ‘little thing’ had affected my entire morning.  There and then, so many other little habits we take for granted came to the fore. We barely recognize the impact the little things we do have on our lives until we fail to do them and we see the consequences. Truth is that nobody wakes up one day and has it all figured out. Oftentimes, the things that give our lives order are the little things we have picked up along the way. Let me share a little instance.

As a third year undergraduate, I had a career and life mentor (God bless him for me) who taught me so many things, one of which I later discovered was the ability to respond intelligently on the spot. I did not realize what his objective was at the time but I’ll forever be grateful to him. He was a very busy senior bank executive but he made time to call. We had week day conversations and subject was any topic of his choice. My role was to discuss for two minutes without any  interruptions or conversation fillers, no ‘ermm’, ‘uhmm’, ‘aaah’, ‘as in’, ‘it’s like’, ‘you know what I mean’, ‘you get it’, none of those. Initially it irked me out, because it felt like NTA’s ‘Speak Out’ all over. But those daily 2 or 3 minute conversations helped shape me. Now, when I sit at a meeting and have to present a long winded idea, I am able to do same comfortably and gladly without those fillers.  Can you believe that my current job requires me to sit in several meetings and make intelligent conversations quite frequently. Thanks to those habit building conversations, now, even whilst I am still composing my thoughts, I am able to hold up the conversation without losing my composure.

The little things we do every day aggregate somewhat, they add up to the comfort and success of our lives. We often fail to pay attention to them but having the right habits is extremely important. Hitting the heater switch for instance appeared inconsequential until I had to endure the excruciating pain of a cold shower; your exercise regimen feels like its plain evil until you realize that that consistent regimen has kept your heart healthier than otherwise. I can think of many small habits that are fundamental but like me, we may have just failed to realize how important they are. What are the little consistent habits you have formed? Are they productive? Show me a man that spends half an hour daily just catching up with global events and news; I can assure you he will make more intelligent conversation than one who does not. To think that the habit maybe passive, for instance, just checking out news headlines and zeroing on those that matter consistently will reflect when you least imagine. I have been at an interview where the conversation quickly evolved and the subject was anything but the job in question. What helped me? The little habits I may have formed that required that I stayed abreast with news and sports.

Recently, I studied the book of Daniel with my amazing #LA187family,  you can check them out here ( )and it jumped out at me again, the power of habit. Daniel prayed at the same time, every day in the morning and at night, it was so regular that everyone knew.  The disciples in the book of Acts were recorded as having an hour of prayer. Yes, we must have spiritual habits that underlie our lives.  Now, I am not talking about prayer as a ritual or religion, but to know God requires a relationship, and to build it, we must create time. If God is our priority, it must reflect in our habits.  Try making your time with God a conscious sacred time, let’s try and make time out to seek God in solitude. Even in our relationships, we must make time out to communicate with our significant others.

Create time to build personal capacity, make a habit of it. Truth is that there never is enough time, but your travel time to and from work can be precious, your lunch break etc. Consciously seek to claw back time. Where are you headed? Build habits that ensure you are on the right trajectory every day. Load up on e-books and materials, or podcasts and audio books if you don’t like to read. Invest in your mind. Let’s bring it home, half an hour consistently applied over a year, even if it is on week days alone brings us to approximately 125 hours of learning a year. And that is passive learning…

“Habit is a cable; we weave a thread of it each day, and at last we cannot break it”. Horace Mann

Habits are critical; nobody starts big. There is a lot of practice hidden behind those scenes we find constantly intriguing.

It is even more noteworthy that we may not consider the habits important until we have a cold shower moment like me.  My painful cold shower reaffirmed for me the power of habit, and I hope reading about it did same for you too.

What are the habits you have formed? Are they productive? Do you need to review them?

Here’s to more productive ‘little habits’.




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  1. I’m always so blessed by your blog but particularly blessed by today’s topic. I really have to start some habits no matter what. Like keeping my shoes in their place, or restraining myself from eating late at night,getting into an exercise routine and waking up early to pray.

    Now that I write all theses things I remember all the things i need to start and the things I need to give up. I better get started….

    Thank you

  2. Awww, nice read. And I appreciate the post, picked up several lessons. I ‘choose’ to do more and like Sarah, I am making up my list of must have habits.

    And now I have a good answer for how you speak so well, LOL. I have always wondered and secretly admired you for being so articulate and confidently so. (Now you know). God bless your mentor. Bless you too.

    1. Awww, thank you Ifueko. That left me blushing. Yes O, God bless my mentor indeed. May God grace us all to do right by our habits… drop the unproductive and pick up productive ones.

  3. I was the same way in boarding school. I used to ask my friends to throw the first bowl of water at me when I least expected it so that I wouldn’t have to inflict the first step of cold water torture on myself. To this day, I still cannot abide a cold bath. You’re right about developing the right habits. What I am finding now though is that I haven’t stopped developing habits. Some i’ve had since I was a child, others I’ve picked up as an adult.

    1. Ehem! my amazing NaijaWife, you make me feel like I have a clone. The throwing a bowl of water, I can totally relate with. Yes, like you said, we keep developing habits, key is balancing out, learning to drop the unproductive ones and consciously seeking to develop productive ones. Appreciate you for stopping by.

  4. This is such a good post Eloho…it just shamed me back to my routine. I started a little exercise routine recently and just gave up on it a few days ago ’cause I thought “What good is it anyway?”. Ofcourse now im definitely back to it tomoro morning. And now I have to stop thinking(only) about improving presentation skills, and other good habits and actually start doing something about that.
    Thank you!

    1. Hello dearie, glad it did encourage you. Don’t be discouraged, we keep picking up habits all the time, we must however ensure we are consistently dropping off the negatives and picking up positives. More grace to you as you consciously retain the good habits. We will support each other. So tomorrow huh? Will be checking on you. Hugs!

  5. I doubt that you’ll be forgetting to flip that heater switch any time soon. I guess discomfort is not so bad afterall, if it helps us remember to do the right thing.

    1. Thanks Gbemi, you can be sure I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. 🙂 Surely discomfort is not such a bad thing. May we learn the lessons therein. Peace Sis. Much love.

  6. What a lovely post, and timely in more ways than one! I used to be a fan of cold showers until pregnancy changed that (and so many other things!) After nearly 2 years, I chose tonight to get back in the groove, only to read this. I will be singing too! 😀

    I’m also getting ready for September, the month when I’ve decided to harness the power of habit in order to restore a semblance of organization to my life, for productivity’s (and sanity’s)sake. I plan to use several little things – waking up at the same time every day, smaller food portions, not eating after 6:30, reading one chapter of Proverbs daily, etc to bring about a whole new me. I’m seriously counting on the power of little things, and this post is a word in season for me! God bless you *hugs*

    1. Wow! This is so affirming for me and made me smile all the way, laugh even. I am with you on harnessing the power of habit too. More deliberate steps to ensure some more order. I love the look of your list, just gives me a better idea for some more productive habits to take on. thank you so much for sharing. Your comment was a blessing.

  7. I want to share all the ways this post speaks to me, but I’ll need a whole new post for that. Bookmarking it for certain though. I need this reminder. Thank you Eloho. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Wow! I’m so thrilled and humbled.
      I’m also ever thankful for your readership and glad that it did speak to you as it did me. You are welcome my dear, over and over again. *Hugs*

      1. This is so true . eventually our tgouhht life makes it way into our actions and testimonies. How important it is to keep our minds on tne Lord and those things that are pleasing to Him!

  8. So, I have been careless thus far…
    One needs to live conscious of every action. That’s it for me. Again, your words are medication to an ailing heart. God Bless you real good.

    1. Dear Charles, we truly need to make conscious effort to adopt good habits and let go of bad ones. We may not always succeed but the consciousness always proves worthwhile. God wil help our desire to adopt better habits. Thanks for always stopping by. You are appreciated.

    1. Most good and sustainable things dont come easy, but in the long run, the benefits outweigh the cost. Here’s to more productive habits for Seun.

  9. Interesting Sis. I really need to start the adopting of good habits and letting go of the bad ones.
    God bless you SIS!!!

  10. Thanks for this.
    I have made up my mind to resurrect my spiritual habits
    Like when I am walking at anytime on my way to work or back from work
    I am speaking in tongues.

    I consciously pray for every family member as I remember them during the day
    I thank God for one thing that He has done for me daily.

    Going to blog now

    1. Thanks Tessy, your comment made me really glad. That’s exactly the point, for us to re evaluate and look at those necessary habits. I love your habits, especially consciously thanking God for one thing He has done for me. That’s amazing, makes me constantly grateful and I want to be that person. Gracias muchos. Okay sis, off to check out your blog now, you must be done posting.

  11. Wow! How God uses the simple things to open up profound stuff!

    May God grant us the grace to walk in wisdom so that we don’t get the icy blast before we realise we didn’t do the necessary #judgement

    Thanks so much Eloho! God bless you!

    1. Dear Tolu,
      “May God grant us the grace to walk in wisdom so that we don’t get the icy blast before we realise we didn’t do the necessary #judgement.”
      that part of your comment sounded loud and strong for me. I appreciate you.
      God bless you for stopping by.

  12. I’ll call this a truly fresh piece. Little things always add up to much bigger stuff. And oftentime, we do not even realize it. Little drops of water make an ocean. We should be more deliberate. I was truly blessed by this. Totally refreshing! God bless ya

  13. I seem to have issues commenting. Twice I have typed and sent comments and I got this message: error, type comment. Well, I was thoroughly blessed by this post. It is most enlightening. I just want to add that it is important to cultivate life changing habits that may seem insignificant because they look so little, but can help us to live more meaningful life in the long run.Thanks for sharing and do stop by at mine’s. God bless you.

  14. The Power of Little.
    …Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean.
    This post is he best I’ve read in awhile. Thank you for it.
    Time for me to get back on my study routine *whew*.

    1. Way to go my dear. Little by little, habits are like a cable, we weave a thread everyday and little it becomes too tough to untie. So i am fully behind you as you bring those little habits to bear, they always play out. Little things like your choice of words, reading books and improving your vocabulary, reading your bible and praying always play out.

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