As a child, I grew up on the campus of a Federal University in Southern Nigeria. At the time, everything worked, we had lush green lawns, mostly uninterrupted power supply and there was order and security there. The street lights worked and we had a directory right by the PABX lines with which we could call everyone else who lived on the campus. When we talked about our friends, our parents could easily tell from the surname whose children they were. We had bicycle riding competitions, football competitions and the girls played 10-10, Monopoly , Scrabble, and the Name, Animal, Place and Thing game. Yes we did go out of the campus but mostly to parties or to visit with family and family friends so to a large extent, that was the world as I knew it.

Then I went to boarding secondary school in South West Nigeria and then for the first time, I saw a bigger world than anything I knew. I realized that not everyone had watched Sound of Music or knew Mary Poppins or Voltron or read the entire collection of Enid Blyton books and there were lots of people who had seen more and done more than I had.  I previously believed every child had the same access I did and thus would see the world like I did. How wrong I was.  Attending boarding school provided me with exposure and helped me appreciate my difference and learn from everyone else. From that time on, I saw that there was a story in every conversation, a message in every sigh. I learnt there and then that there was life beyond my immediate environment, a whole world. And had I not come out of my small campus cocoon, I would have judged everyone else based on what I had been exposed to which was minute and largely infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things. I would have viewed the world through my myopic view, how judgmental I would have been.

Isaiah 54:2 is the word for us today, it says

“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings;
Do not spare; Lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes”

The Message Version says

“Clear lots of ground for your tents! Make your tents large. Spread out! Think big!
Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep. You’re going to need lots of elbow room
for your growing family”.

The message is clear, challenge yourself to more. But the truth is that what you are able to dream of and desire is a function of what you see. Do not say it cannot be done, ‘Do Something!’.  Open your mind and get exposure so you can stretch your mind to believe God. God told Abram in Genesis 13:14, “..as far as your eyes can see, I will give to you for an inheritance.” Our expression of purpose is limited to exposure.  Truth is that potential isn’t in question for many people, the exposure to cultivate and express it is. The devil knows that, reason he wants to keep you small minded. He benefits when you stay small. Get exposure.  If you stay in a small place, you get bruised by the containment, bruised by your potential.  Now, imagine a giant cooped in a small wardrobe. He may fit in all squeezed in but he will be in such discomfort, any movement he makes therein will hurt him. But give him an empty house, he can walk tall, he can somersault and perform acrobatics. Same man; different environments with different results. Perhaps that is where you are, you are trying to do something within that wardrobe and you are ending up bitter and irritable. You can’t do anything within your restricted space; you will only hurt yourself and end up more discouraged than ever.

Some of us live in one room, believing that is all there is to us. We are somewhat content with a room with amenities ensuite, simply because we have our comfort there. Meanwhile, that is just one room of many in a mansion that God has allocated to us. If we could just open the door, just step out, we would see a broad hall way, and the beautiful finishing and understand that we have access to so much more.  We would see the Jacuzzi, the indoor pool, the amazing in door theatre amongst others and realize that we did ourselves a great disservice by limiting ourselves to that one room.  Our small minds keep us in the room and we are unaware that within our reach is so much more if only we walked out of that door, out of that familiar place. Instead we stay with the familiar, lazing away.  Step out, don’t stay within your comfort zone, what you know has a price that someone will pay, trade it in for more. Keep expanding.

Get exposed to life beyond your borders so that you can see that you are capable of a much better life.  It’s not about money; very simply it is about exposure. You will never see the world same way again when you gain exposure.  Think about it, you don’t miss what you don’t know; but you don’t know what you haven’t gained exposure to. Open your mind, open your world. Allow God enlarge your thinking. Why would you want to hold a village view in a world as large and as rich in diversity as ours? Why would you want to be a local champion?  Why would you allow your limited exposure crowd out your ability to dream?

Get people in your corner who can stretch and challenge you.  Get people with diverse interests’ and exposure. Haven’t you seen people just come alive because of a new friendship? He or she isn’t fundamentally different but they are in an environment that encourages them, or exposed to a place or person they didn’t know previously.  The devil celebrates when we stay narrow, because it is his job to steal, kill and destroy and for as many of us that stay in that small wardrobe, we are allowing him steal from us the ability to see and dream big.  Allow God enlarge your thinking.

You know, some of the things that God allowed you to go through, things that God allowed to happen to you, are because of your purpose. Your purpose needed the exposure; you needed to see that things could be done differently and better. Your journey has indirectly shaped your vision and your expectation and exposed to you some of your strengths. We limit God with our small mindedness, we judge wrong with our small minds so God needs us to gain exposure.  God wants us to make His name glorious; He wants us to make His name famous and He is depending on us. You see why we can’t say in our small worlds?

DO SOMETHING! That has come to mean a lot more to me now. Start from simple things, learn new things, expand your vocabulary, and read about new things and new ideas. God is giving you the world and like there was a life for me outside the university campus, there is life outside your immediate environment. Start something!  If you stay in your cocoon, you will never convert potential energy to kinetic energy and potential energy adds no value. Do something fresh; doing converts your energy from mere potential to kinetic. Break out of routine, do something new and gain exposure.  Adopt a new project, fan your passion, get a new hobby, travel, make new friends, build new relationships, listen to others ideas, stretch your dreams, move from deciding to doing.

Exposure is the engine room of your dream.

It is indeed time to lengthen our stakes, enlarge cords. Do something, there is more to you! Step out from routine…Get EXPOSURE!  DO SOMETHING!

I hope this inspires you like it did me.

God bless y’all





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  1. *gives a sigh of relief* a fresh perspective indeed. Brings to mind prophet Elisha’s floating axe head miracle.(2 Kings 6) if the other prophets didn’t finally acknowledge that their tent was now too small for them, that miracle may not have been needed. Weldone nne, keep writing and ofcourse keep wearing that smile *winks*

    1. BuddieMine, thank you so much for your comment. Some things never come to pass if we do not acknowledge that we are made for more. In the words of Marvin Sapp in his song ‘Deeper’, “This can’t be it!!! God is so much bigger than this…”. Bless your heart dear. Enlarge, stretch and get exposure!

  2. you know, the more i meet people and talk the more i realize how many of us are so comfortable in familiar territory that we base everything we think or do on what we know and have always known. i believe that for a person especially a child of God to be well rounded some travel is necessary. we become more knowledgeable from exposure. exposure helps maturity. it helps objective reasoning. it reduces judgment of others by acknowledging that everyone isn’t the same.

    as always, very well written piece from THE Eloho! 🙂

    1. Thanks dear…very true, “exposure helps maturity and objective reasoning”. I couldn’t have said it better. There are depths that we can never reach until we step out of our limiting environments. God bless you for all the support. Muchos Gracias.

  3. Wow! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Now it’s my turn to you went into my head and stole my thoughts. Lol. I actually have thought about writing something on this. I did something similar but it wasn’t this detailed! Exposure! There is so much out there waiting for us to just reach out and grab them! Experiences change us and make us! We can’t stay in our little corner and think that that’s all there is to life!
    A number of times I listen to people arguing blindly, having strong opinions on issues they know nothing about. And I keep thinking, if only u would free yourself from that prison your immediate environment has placed your mind in! God says to go into the world and make disciples of all men/nations yet we stay in our rooms and think that if we go into the world we would be sinning. I don’t get it! Oh well, I pray for more understanding for us and also more grace. There’s so much that we could gain once we leave our little corners. Thanks for this brilliant piece! Truly relevant and very timely!
    HE is coming soon! God forbid that when Jesus comes we’ll tell him we couldn’t go into the world to do HIS work because our minds were too shallow to accept it. God bless u sis!
    Btw, u should check out that post I wrote from long ago. “The world through their eyes” yougeecash.wordpress.com/the-world-through-their-eyes/

    1. My darling Oge, thank you so much for this! Lovely post there, twas a very good reminder. Gonna drop off a comment there. Like you said, we can be more impactful if we opened our hearts and minds and stepped out of mediocrity. Christianty is not synonymous with closed mindedness. Thanks dearie, you know i truly appreciate you. God bless your heart!

  4. Well, I have fully come to appreciate the inspiration of your life…your blogposts are no mere posts anymore. They are words in season to my soul. I had this struggle within, me throughout the weekend. Reading this, points the way forward. Thank you, again. God Bless!!

    1. Dear Charles, thanks for always checking in. I’m grateful that the post spoke to you again, thankful to God for the inspiration. I encourage you to recognise God’s word for you this season and to run with it. Never forget that ‘Exposure is the powerhouse of your dreams’. Expand your mind and your world, live your life and DO SOMETHING!

    1. Hi dear Emerald, thanks for reading and for your comment. Please be positive and don’t be too hard on yourself. Small consistent steps to learn new things, can be as easy as reading a new book, and if you dont like reading, now you can read excerpts which summarise the books or listening to TED talks. Just take consistent baby steps towards expanding your world and you will be able to imagine a lot more for God to exceed. He is able to do more than we imagine right? So let’s expand our world and power our dreams. Looking forward to hearing from you, it’s liberating when we open our minds to more. God bless you!

  5. I can totally and absolutely relate with your post, because i grew up in almost a similar environment and to be totally honest with you; i still find it a bit difficult to break out of routine. Even the simplest things like making new friends seem like “a big deal” to me and the average person would wonder why.
    I am a firm believer in “if aint broke, don’t fix it”, BUT I am gradually seeing things in a different light, taking baby steps at making new friends (i really do cherish friendships) and trying new things; it seems a bit weird at the moment but i think am making good progress!
    There is alot to learn from people and the different experiences we go through and i have resolved am going to gain all i can while i can; so help me God!
    Thanks for the beautiful write up “Auntie Eloho”

    1. My dear, thank you for stopping by ever so often and I’m sending you a lovely 3 minute bear hug. I am glad you have resolved to continue making progress. I encourage you to keep opening up, circumspectly of course. In each season of life, God will bring people into your life to facilitate your process. I pray for grace so you will identify your seasons as they come and also identify the people God has placed in your path to bless you. I am proud of you for expanding yourself and looking beyond your comfortable past. There is more to you dear, open your mind, gain exposure and “do something”. I’m in your corner cheering you on. Go girl! There is more! God bless you.

  6. In a word, amazing! I am so glad I found your blog and I am truly inspired. You are so right- there is an absolute necessity to expand our minds, and gain exposure. Living life with a parochial mentality limits us in so many ways, and we can never maximize/attain our full potentials in life. This really got me,
    “Our expression of purpose is limited to exposure. Truth is that potential isn’t in question for many people, the exposure to cultivate and express it is.”

    Exposure is so important, and even if it would mean pushing one’s self a little bit more to get it, it is well worth the effort. This was so deep. God bless you for sharing. I loved how The Message translation of that amazing scripture went. Please feel free to stop by at mine: http://www.unyimeivymusings.com. Truly inspiring blog here.

    1. Thanks Big Sis.I truly appreciate you and your refreshing comments. I wholeheartedly agree with you that living life with a parochial mentality is extremely limiting. Exposure truly makes a lot of difference. Thanks for sharing your blog, I’m going there right away. God bless your heart.

    1. Amen! Amen!! May Jesus give us more room and the capacity to expand into it and do more. Thanks for your very kind words dear. God bless your beautiful heart and cause you to always grow in Him.

  7. True! New discoveries might just be the answer to that prayer you’ve been bugging God with. Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration Eloho. More grace to break new grounds!!

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