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My friend loves her dad; she loves him to such an amazing depth that I am often left in awe of the purity and selflessness of such a rare father-daughter relationship. A few days ago, as we sat down and talked at lunch, she remembered that she didn’t get a chance to cook over the past weekend and that at home they were probably running short of cooked food. This bothered her because they had no domestic help at home and her dad was going to be home for a few days and so she needed to arrange for his meals until the weekend when she was able to cook. Ordinarily, he would be at work through the day and would have lunch there but since he would be home,  she was worried that he would not enough food to last through those stay at home days. There and then a menu began to form in her head. She started planning and plotting on how to order some plantain porridge and edik for her dad just to tide him over until the weekend because she got home too late from work to actually cook. Not too long after, she placed the orders, food was delivered, and at the close of business; she packed up her bags and went home.

She got home and just telling her dad how she had ordered his meals in her usual effervescent manner touched him so deep and made him respond effusively, blessing her and seeking something to do for her in return? What do you want me to do for you? Infact, what do you want on your birthday he immediately asked? Please, please, please, he said, allow me spend some money on you.  As she shared his response with me, I was totally blown away. She has siblings, and I am sure they love their dad too and he loves them, but they may not have their dad where my friend does because she goes the extra mile to consistently anticipate his needs and ensure that they are met. This has placed her in a position where she is not even asking but her dad is actively seeking to please her, not just out of his sense of responsibility as a dad, but out of love, a position where all she needs to do is ask. As she told me about her dad and the way he responded, I immediately thought about God in his fatherhood position.

He’s not very different you see…God, that is! Every time we act out of just love for Him or worship Him for who He is, not with a long prayer request list and certainly not with an attitude of God abuse (subject for another post), He just wants to rejoice over us and respond. Afterall, He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for Him to do. How many times do we do things for God and people just because? How often do we do stuff for God that is not driven by an investment horizon (God, do this for me and I will do this for you) but just love? How many times do we anticipate the needs of God and others and consider them as we plan for ourselves? Her dad was overwhelmed because by reason of her action, He could tell that it was not for anything but because of her love for him.

Likewise, I want to act in pre emptive service because I love God, not because I want to be noticed or commended by man. In my quiet moments, I want to think proactively about how I can meet God’s needs. I want to anticipate them and be the woman that makes God happy. I want to be able to make sacrifices that make no sense to anyone else but put a smile on God’s face like my friend’s act did her dad. Well, that’s what my friend’s story inspired me to do. And then, even if He does not respond and say ‘what will you have me do? Just knowing that by acting that day, I have left him with a sense of pride in me as a daughter is what I live for. That story challenged me to a new level of relationship; If as a result God decides to smile on me like my friend’s dad did, great. But even if He doesn’t respond by meeting my needs, just knowing that I can meet His is an awesome privilege and I long for that opportunity to just ‘pour my love on Him’.

On a different note, what’s up y’all? What are we doing next weekend? If you are in Lagos, Nigeria or nearby, there is only one place to be on 26 May @ 5pm. It’s at the Expo Center of Eko Hotel and Suites where the excellence of God’s praise will be on display. The Lagos Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) in concert with Panam Percy Paul, Cobhams Asuquo, Lara George, Tim Godfrey, Timi Dakolo, Bouqui, Tosin Martins, presents ‘Beyond Music’.  We are reclaiming music for the kingdom and lifting one voice to the heavens. Join us as the heavens kiss the earth and we make God’s name glorious. Do register to attend at www.thispresenthouse.org/beyondmusic. Will be great to see you there!


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  1. Elohooooooo! are you sure you don’t want to be a Pastor? These your blog posts are on fire, i’ll start looking out for you on the pulpit on Wednesdays *massive smile* Biko what does God abuse mean? hmmm i guess i just have to wait till you blog about it hey? 🙂 Is it acceptable to say or think this way “The only reason i’m still going to speak to XYZ is because I know If I don’t God won’t be happy with me.” To be honest, the reason why I tend to react to things and people in a godly way or in general do most things is just to please God shikena! God keeps me sane oh! because there are some people that can rive you up the wall!!! Okay, so errrrmmmm *cough cough* for those of us that are not going to be PHYSICALLY present at the concert, please can we have a sneak peek? *massive grin*

    1. Hi Irene Newbie (I like!!!), so nice to have you drop by! Your pulpit comment left me laughing till my side hurt. God abuse (wink), i’ll put up a post soon, i promise. Please remind me if it is not up soon enough. To your question, i think it is a reflection of the depth of relationship. The preferred place is to do things to please God, out of your love for Him and cause you know that you long for His fellowship and that doing His will keeps you in His circle. But not everyone has arrived at that place of deep longing. Infact, it feels to me like Israel and Moses. Israel told Moses that they didnt want to hear from God directly, they were okay with His works. Psalm 103:7 says He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts unto the children of Israel.
      So Israel may have been comfortable with doing stuff just to keep God happy so they could get stuff from Him. Moses operated from a place of relationship so He got to know God. Knowing God ensures that you enjoy His presence and then the acts, which are a benefit of a relationship with Him. I hope this spoke to you. Hmm, for ‘Beyond Music’, sneak peek? Hmm…just imagine the heavens open and a fully Nigerian praise concert with an overflow of God’s presence and glory. Imagine people singing alongside Panam Percy Paul and dancing to Agidigba with Tim Godfrey and then worshipping with Lara George and Cobhams and just enjoying the excellent ministry of the LCGC as God revels in the ambience of His praise.There now you have it! That’s the sneak peek. Mwah!!!

  2. How I long to be deeper in love with Jesus and do things for Him not because I need Him to return a favour, but because I love him so……

  3. Nne the best part is that he rewards even more. God REAL lovers enjoy incrdible benefits. Which is why I put in effort into my love relationship on a regular…
    I love what you did with this your friend’s story. Definitely striving for a deeper relationship.
    That programme will definitely rock. Have a blast darling.
    Muah and Squeezy hug…

    1. Surely my dear. He is not forgetful and He rewards far abundantly above any physical dad. Amazing what access we can have when we develop a deeper relationship. It feels like having your dad’s pin. I just want to be the daughter that makes God happy. Dazzall!

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