The Parable of the Egg

Two weeks ago, after I wrote the post about George Muller titled ‘Dare to Believe’, a friend asked me to try and balance faith and patience. She was worried that the piece appeared to reflect faith and instant results when sometimes, God leaves us waiting as He did Joseph, David and Abraham amongst others. Think about it, these men carried God’s promise but didn’t get instant results. However, they carried God’s presence, which is why Joseph prospered though in prison. He was joyful through the wait because he kept God’s presence, he wasn’t weary. Isaiah 40:31 says it clearly that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I’ve come to realize that when I begin to feel weary in waiting, I have somewhat disconnected from God’s presence. When I stay in His presence, I never feel a sustained weariness. A discouraging thought or two may come but God’s spirit soothes me. Now, the talk about waiting on God, hmmm… I think that will be a post for another day. Back to today’s post.

There once lived a lovely noble man who sought to prepare breakfast for his son whom he invited over. In the process, he put an egg to boil and walked away to prepare the breakfast table in anticipation of his son’s arrival. The son arrived in his father’s absence and watched the egg, after a few seconds; he hastily took it out and cracked it. Alas, it had not been there very long and was not boiled yet, so he was left with a half boiled egg that was good for nothing. When his father returned, he was sore distraught and responded, ‘Son, I was away preparing your breakfast table and was going to take out the egg just when it was ready for you, the way you like it, hard boiled. Could you not trust me for a few seconds?

This is my thought today; many times in our impatience, we go ahead of God. Often times, we haven’t even taken time to wait and listen to Him tell us what He is doing so we have no idea what He is doing and when He began and so all we do is cut the process short. Had the son spoken to his father who was in the same house, likely within earshot, he would have understood that he should wait a little longer. Truly, our wrath and anger with a perceived delay cannot do the righteousness of God. (James 1:20). The impatient son took the egg out earlier than his father had planned because in his limited understanding; it had boiled for long enough already. How wrong he was! He had no idea when his father put the egg to the boil and so he could hardly be qualified to determine when the egg was boiled. By prematurely cracking the egg, he lost the potentials of the egg; it was good for no use but to be thrown away.

How many of us have shown the same degree of impatience in our walk with God or in our pursuit of His promise? How many of us have thwarted God’s purpose through impatience? How many of us have shown our inability to completely trust God to come through for us? Learning from the son in this story, we need to understand that God ‘knows’ us, He really knows what is best for us and if we are in communication with Him, we will get all the reassurances we need to wait. This son would have gotten his hard-boiled egg the way he liked it if he had just trusted his dad, and if he felt too hungry to wait, instead of guesstimating when the egg would be done, he could just have spoken to his dad.

Let us go back to God in implicit trust, with the understanding that He who has begun a good work will be faithful to complete it. He is well able who has promised. Let’s find encouragement to go ahead with our lives, resolving to trust God that knows our uprising and down sitting and learn to work through our concerns with Him. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing… (James 1:4) If patience has its perfect work, you will be perfect and entire, wanting NOTHING!!! Isn’t that awesome?

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  1. Wow!!! This was such an amazing read, i read through several times and the message definitely hit home. I bless God for the gift that you are and pray that He continually graces you to share. Wait I will, till my father sets the table before me, He alone knows when it is ready to be served.

  2. In the arena of life’s fretful activity, when nerves are taut and jangling and standing hairs crave action or sometimes a decision, the soothing balm may often be calm, the poise to wait and watch, to be unmoved by the raging fires of emotion or the thunderclap of vaunted reasoning. To listen, to hear above the din, to distill in the midst of the confusion, the still, near silent voice of truth wafting down as a Divine reward for the diligent seeker, words which when aired and heard empower the hearer in the faithful work of life.

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