Two are better than one

“Two are better than one.” – Ecclesiastes 4:9

Everybody needs somebody; God has surely not called us to a life of isolation. You need someone to protect you, yes, God does protect but you need a human to speak up for you too. Let’s look into the scriptures, when Saul of Tarsus got converted, the Christians in Jerusalem wanted nothing to do with him. Their fears were rightly placed; it could very well have being a set up. You need to understand that the church was in hiding as a result of all the persecution. At that time, Barnabas spoke up for him and acted as his advocate. You don’t have enough voices. You need others to speak up for you, even when you are doing what is right.

I know people tend to believe that women are their own worst enemies, and for me for many years my best friends were male and yes, they still are an amazing part of my life, but of recent, as I opened my heart to God in every season, He blessed me with such amazing women. Now, I look at my life and consider myself rich in relationships. I am blessed with a truly remarkable circle of women, older women, peers and younger women and I also have such amazing brothers and friends. Together, they inspire, teach,  challenge andre buke me and for the younger ones,  some of them look up to me and just bring purpose to my pain as we share and learn. In all, they exemplify ‘two are better than one’ and that’s my inspiration for this post today.

Who shares your fears and tears? Who is close enough to you to pick up on the signals, to sense when fears and tears need to be shared? Yes, there are times when we need a pep talk or a shot in the arm, but there are also times when we need to be encouraged to lie low, to process our emotions. Who does that for you? Who rebukes you when you are going off tangent? Who hears what you have not said and enables you deal with your fears and hurts? Who reads you and hears what you cannot even verbalize?

Even with 20/20 vision, one pair of eyes is not enough because every individual has blind spots. I’ve realized that Satan is always ready to remind you of your good qualities; it costs him nothing, as long as you don’t deal your faults and they keep dragging you behind. I’ve also discovered that a true friend is the one who exposes and challenges your self-seeking, self-pleasing and self-dependence, and helps you to restore to God the authority you’ve robbed Him of. One that reveals your frailty and identifies weaknesses you didn’t even know existed. A true friend is not afraid to be honest with you, ‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend’ and open rebuke is better than secret love.

Who seeks God with you? Praying together keeps us honest. I’ve realized that being open and praying with one another keeps us dependent on God. We’re reluctant to open up, to get real about our areas of struggle. Yet it’s only in the honesty of shared prayer that we draw closer to God – and to one another.

Who plays with you? When you need to just be human, who is human with you? Does this sound unimportant, or even carnal? No! You must never let the seriousness of life override your need for recreation, a word that’s better understood when it’s hyphenated, re-creation. In recreation, as trivial as it sounds, we actually get recreated.

Take time this weekend to evaluate your life and relationships. There are people in your life that you need to get to ‘know’, you need to wisely trust God and open your heart to receive the relationships He has placed around you. Now, don’t even say ‘I don’t need anybody’. You do, you need valuable relationships. And I am not saying you should get out there and begin to share your issues with just anyone. All I am saying is that you do not deny yourself of the beauty God has woven into your life because you shut others out. Please, get out of isolation and enjoy the freshness of relationships God has ordained for you, for two are better than one!

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