“…I can do a better job of it.”

Yaaay!!! Adam Scott wins the 2013 Masters!!!

Yesterday, Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters, beating Angel Cabrera on the second hole of a playoff on a soggy Sunday at Augusta National. The Masters was the only major an Australian had never won, and before now Scott was among dozens of golfers who routinely rose in the early hours of Monday morning for the telecast, only to watch a horror show, typically watch an Australian lose out again.

Last summer, Scott threw away the British Open by making bogey on his last four holes to lose by one shot to Ernie Els. At that crushing defeat, the 32-year-old responded with such elegance and class, reflecting so much dignity and pledged to finish stronger given another chance. “Next time — I’m sure there will be a next time — I can do a better job of it,” he said that day. And yes, he sure got his chance to deliver on that promise. He had cause to say after his victory yesterday, ‘I found my way today’.

It’s Monday and another chance to do better what you may have failed at previously. A chance to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes of your past failure and say like Adam Scott, ‘This is my next time, I can do a better job of it’. This goes out to everyone who needs inspiration to try again. Despite his past failures, Adam Scott chose not to throw a series of pity parties or admit in defeat that perhaps, the Masters simply wasn’t an Aussie tournament, simply because an Australian had never won. He went on to break that record and compensate for his painful defeat last summer.

Despite how badly we may have fared in the past, let us all try again and find our way to being better at our jobs, more sensitive in our relationships, more friendly as neighbors, more encouraging as bosses, more efficient as employees and direct reports and more responsive as parents. There is always something we can get better at and even if we suffered a crushing defeat at it previously, we must choose to say like Adam Scott…’I can do a better job at it’ and dare I say, not just do a better job, go on and set a record!

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam” – “I shall either find a way or make one.”

Here’s to a week of creating a better you!!!

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