But Naaman went away angry and said. “I thought he would surely come out to me and call on the name of the Lord His God , wave his hand over the spot and heal me of my leprosy…2 Kings 5:11

Many times, we hurt in our relationship with God and people because of unfounded expectations. Many children of God believe in a walk with God devoid of pain and full of joy all the way or that God will do everything and we have no part to play. Same way, many of us go into relationships expecting a bed of roses. What discourages most of us in our lives is not what life brings up, it actually is unmet expectations. It can totally block our sights to even the present joys that God gives. My thought today is that we should watch our expectations, don’t judge a book by the cover, by all means, read the introduction and read through the book. A walk with God means you are a child of heaven, but does the Bible say you will have no travails? The cover says welcome to the kingdom of God but the book itself says that through many tribulations, we shall inherit the kingdom.

Let’s look at Naaman, here was a mighty man of valour with a big minus; highly debilitating leprosy. His servant maid had told him about a mighty man of God in Israel (first surprise. His servant girl? Not one of the big physicians in Syria), but he moved regardless. He left with an expectation that upon presentation of the letter from His king to the king of Israel, as an ‘influential man’, he would be granted instant access to Elisha and that Elisha would just speak the word and heal him. Imagine his disappointment when Elisha didn’t even give him audience, he was not there to welcome him, instead he was met by Elisha’s servant (what utter disregard he must have felt). Okay, he managed that and expected an instant miracle but no, yet another surprise, Elisha’s servant asked him to go dip in the dirty Jordan in the view of all, 7 times. Now, this is too much he must have said, mighty man that he was, had his servants not encouraged him, he surely would have walked away from his life changing miracle because the mode of delivery was way different from His expectation. He would have come this far and turned back at the edge of his turnaround because it didn’t play out according to the script he had written (expectations) in his head. But he humbled himself and let go of his preconceived notions and God came through.

I think that a number of times, I may have missed out on lovely things because they didn’t come packaged in the manner I expected and it is scary to think that God may have packaged an answer to my prayers and I could miss it simply because I didn’t recognize it. Just take a second and think about that pack of cookies that didn’t look so cool so you didn’t bother trying them out only to discover from someone who tried them out that they tasted the best.

Are you like Naaman, expectant and getting depressed because it is not working out in the exact manner you desire? Be encouraged to realign your expectations, first with information, what does the Bible say about your walk of faith? Next if it has to do with issues pertaining to life, what information do you have available to back your expectations? Align your expectations with the reality of your situation and please don’t lose your miracle or make choices based on unrealistic expectations of how the miracle will come, because God is not subject to our unfounded expectations. He will do what He wants to do, however He wants to. So all we need is discernment to see beyond the external packaging and to trust God regardless.

It’s time to check out what’s around you again. What you are looking for in Sokoto may very well be in your ‘Shokoto’. Are you missing out because of your expectations?

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