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 I wondered aloud yesterday about what happened to the simplicities of life and a friend said to me that life appears a lot more difficult than it did previously and so people generally have become a little tougher and perhaps somewhat hurried and impatient. Whilst we may have become toughened or calloused simply as a result of the world in which we live, there are still the simple beauties of life that we often overlook. Today, I’m just sharing a few things that made my list of ‘little things’.

They are life’s simple pleasures that we commonly overlook and represent for me everyday sources of happiness right under my nostrils. It’s been such a blast coming up with this list and I invite you to join in, think up those little things that make you smile ever so often but have probably never merited a conscious second thought. I’m hoping my list will awaken a consciousness in us all that there is still so much beauty in the world and people that God has given us to enjoy and inspire us to slow down and enjoy this beauty. Here goes

1. A genuine smile 2. Getting a hug from behind 3. Handwritten messages in gift cards 4. Someone sincerely telling you it was nice to meet you 5. Goodnight texts 6. Hearing the voice of someone you have missed 7. When a slow driver ahead you changes lanes 8. Knowing a song before it becomes popular 9. Parking your car perfectly on the first try 10. Correct Grammar 11. The smile from the waiter in the restaurant when you address him by his name 12. That instant connection you feel conversing with a stranger 13. A compliment from a stranger 14. When someone remembers the things you say 15. When someone enjoys a song, movie, book …something you recommended 16. Beating your high score 17. Making a baby laugh 18. Hearing someone smile whilst speaking on the phone 19. When the team you are rooting for wins 20. Accelerating after being in a traffic jam 21. Overhearing someone say nice things about you 22. Loving Someone 23. Elevator door opening right away 24. Traffic light turning green just as you arrive 25. Walking into an air-conditioned room after being in the hot sun 26. Adding on new skills/experience to your resume 27. Seeing people use a gift you got them 28. Kids wearing footed pajamas 29. Well-mannered young kids 30. Knowing all the words to a song

There’s so much more I can add on to this list and I am sure same goes for you. Let’s take some time to celebrate the little things and just be grateful for the simplicities of life. In the words of Robert Brault, ‘enjoy the little things for one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things’.

Do not forget to appreciate the little things of your daily life: only these are the most important and the ones that bring you the real happiness!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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