Little Things

 I wondered aloud yesterday about what happened to the simplicities of life and a friend said to me that life appears a lot more difficult than it did previously and so people generally have become a little tougher and perhaps somewhat hurried and impatient. Whilst we may have become toughened or calloused simply as a result of the world in which we live, there are still the simple beauties of life that we often overlook. Today, I’m just sharing a few things that made my list of ‘little things’.

They are life’s simple pleasures that we commonly overlook and represent for me everyday sources of happiness right under my nostrils. It’s been such a blast coming up with this list and I invite you to join in, think up those little things that make you smile ever so often but have probably never merited a conscious second thought. I’m hoping my list will awaken a consciousness in us all that there is still so much beauty in the world and people that God has given us to enjoy and inspire us to slow down and enjoy this beauty. Here goes

1. A genuine smile 2. Getting a hug from behind 3. Handwritten messages in gift cards 4. Someone sincerely telling you it was nice to meet you 5. Goodnight texts 6. Hearing the voice of someone you have missed 7. When a slow driver ahead you changes lanes 8. Knowing a song before it becomes popular 9. Parking your car perfectly on the first try 10. Correct Grammar 11. The smile from the waiter in the restaurant when you address him by his name 12. That instant connection you feel conversing with a stranger 13. A compliment from a stranger 14. When someone remembers the things you say 15. When someone enjoys a song, movie, book …something you recommended 16. Beating your high score 17. Making a baby laugh 18. Hearing someone smile whilst speaking on the phone 19. When the team you are rooting for wins 20. Accelerating after being in a traffic jam 21. Overhearing someone say nice things about you 22. Loving Someone 23. Elevator door opening right away 24. Traffic light turning green just as you arrive 25. Walking into an air-conditioned room after being in the hot sun 26. Adding on new skills/experience to your resume 27. Seeing people use a gift you got them 28. Kids wearing footed pajamas 29. Well-mannered young kids 30. Knowing all the words to a song

There’s so much more I can add on to this list and I am sure same goes for you. Let’s take some time to celebrate the little things and just be grateful for the simplicities of life. In the words of Robert Brault, ‘enjoy the little things for one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things’.

Do not forget to appreciate the little things of your daily life: only these are the most important and the ones that bring you the real happiness!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Hmmmmmm….what else can I say,looking at the list one needs to appreciate life more, and to add my own 31)Getting a gift from the lady Ɣ☺ΰ love on a casual day……God bless Ɣ☺ΰ stupendous grace.

  2. I like!!! Several things on your list spoke to me and then i had to think about my own list and caught myself smiling ever so often. Thank you for inspiring me to consider the simple beauties of life, just thinking about my own list like using exactly 140 characters in a tweet, tossing something in the trash from my desk and making it in, having someone look up to me as a role model, when someone puts into words my exact thoughts, when the phone rings and it’s someone i expected to call, getting food i’ve been craving, even if its garri and cold water, taking a perfect picture, when the train doors open right in front of me, eye contact with someone who knows what i am saying without my needing to say it…Wow! i’m loving this excercise and grateful for the little things of my daily life.

  3. how about… When NEPA brings light! Getting commendation for something you thought was irrelevant. or free airtime from MTN (even if it only happened once)hehehe, I like this exercise I’ll practice some more

  4. Wow, loving this, dearie! It made me smile and it made me think: 31. the smell of bread in the oven. 32. finishing an exam just before the bell goes. 33. the smell of coming rain in northern Nigeria. 34. freshly laundered sheets. 35. a good long chat with an old friend. 36. ha, easily finding a good bargain, mehn!

  5. O for the joy of little things, the wonderful gifts that life brings, things often overlooked in life’s great chase, when we all race to be the ace, in the midst of the hurry we miss the splendour, we are too busy, too fleeting,to adore, failing to see the woods not the trees-less is more

  6. Amazing post! Elohooooo! ok here’s my small list. i enjoy hugs from people especially children when they jump on you (I just get this warm fuzzy feeling inside)hehehehe! serving people even if its in a little way, People checking on me or spotting me out in a crowd and vice versa, when older people or influential people are genuinely nice to you (you just get this oh! wow! humbling feeling as in that kain! smallie like me feeling), I like greeting people I just feel there are some people who aren’t doing the best job in the world so when you go out of your way to say a greeting, it helps build their self esteem like oh! someone is acknowledging me as a significant being in this menial job. Okay, i’ll stop there. Sorry for my long comment.

  7. oh! yes! How can I forget? I love looking and appreciating scenery as in nature at its finest and best. I’m just in awe of God whenever I get into that mode.

  8. One more setting for your list, ‘Eating a bowl of very hot and simple food while I’m sitting on my sofa, tucked under a duvet with the blast of cold air from airconditioning and the TV tuned to the series channel’.
    It makes me send up a prayer to God Almighty; thanking Him for how far I’ve come…
    God bless you, Eloho.
    Much love…

  9. Yaay!!! thank you all, it’s been such a blessing reading all your comments and sharing your lists of ‘little things’. Just amazing how many things we gloss over and how beautiful life becomes when we take the time to think about the little things.

    Thanks for visiting and please stop by again and again and be encouraged to share.

  10. Nice piece! What I’ve realised over time is that these little things bring us the greatest joy. Lovely blog and write-ups. Quite encouraging and eye-opening. I”ll try to visit more often. Regards.

  11. My list would be a whole post by itself. Lemme try to shorten:

    1. The sight of rocks/hills
    2. Baby falling asleep in my arms.
    3. Hearing my mum’s voice.
    4. The smell of a new book
    5. Shared laughter.
    6. Eating bread.
    7. Listening to stories of my childhood feats retold.
    8. Winning a chess game (happened only once. Lol)
    9. Meeting up with old friends.
    10. Finding shoes that fit at first try.
    11. Completing a story.

    Plus the other 30 you listed.

    Love you much Eloho. Hugs.

  12. 1. Petrichor.
    2. Making a joke that gets a random eavesdropping stranger to laugh.
    3. Watching your mother sleep.
    4. Having mano á mano conversation with your father, late at night, while everyone sleeps.
    5. Waking up from a dream without remembering what was dreamt, but smiling all the same…

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