The Hermit Crab Shell Hunt

Hello everyone,

How did the weekend go? You know how we get so accustomed to repetitive stuff, even the most noble and nicest events end up becoming so formal that we tend to lose the real meaning. I hope that we haven’t done that with the remembrance of Jesus’ resurrection so much that all it represents is two work free days and an extended weekend.

Ok, moving forward, I read somewhere recently about the hermit crab, how it looks for a shell that fits him, then lives in it till he outgrows it. At the point at which it outgrows a previous shell, it has to scamper around the ocean floor and find a bigger one; a process that repeats itself throughout his entire life. In fact, even if the crabs don’t change into shells very often, they will spend a good deal of the time investigating every shell they come across, to see whether it fits them or not. It’s one of their forms of entertainment, along with climbing, hiding and foraging. For artificially cultured hermit crabs, the owners often find it disconcerting when the crabs refuse to change shells even when the present shells are too small and they (the owners) have provided a range of shells for the hermit to choose from.

Bringing it home though, I love routine, the familiar somehow seems safe for me but it’s about time for me to let go; lest I make an idol of the old and frustrate my owner who has provided me with a variety of bigger shells to change into. I must at the very least, consider the new shells and investigate same. Like the hermit crab, I should become accustomed to searching for new ways to express my growing capacity, scampering all over the ocean bed to find a new expression for my gifts and talents. What that says to me is that to develop and grow in any way, I must be willing to move out of my comfort zone and deal with a little ‘distress’ involved in finding a new shell.

What is your story? Are you ready for bigger things or are you hanging on in patience to a regiment that is no longer adequate for where you are going? Like the hermit crab, it just may be time to find a bigger shell and move on to bigger things. Set new targets, new challenges, and desire new depths. But you can’t take occupancy until you vacate the old one. As we celebrate the power of the resurrection, let’s cooperate with the quickening power and take on more. It is time to recreate, innovate, pivot, and just do new things as God inspires us.

Let’s go there…

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