‘Steak and a Side’

Hello everyone, thank you so so much for reading my posts and all the support. I truly appreciate everyone and your comments have all blessed me.

It’s amazing how life teaches us; sometimes it’s so light but yet so relevant. Recently, I had dinner with my friends and as we settled the bill for our food, one of them pointed out how on continental menus, the main dish is usually a meat or fish dish, so perhaps some steak, chicken, pork ribs or salmon, whilst rice or potatoes is served as the side dish. So that is largely a protein based meal with some carbohydrate on the side. In contrast, the average Nigerian meal would be the exact opposite. The main dish would be carbohydrate say rice, semovita, yam or so with a sauce or soup that had some meat or fish in it. We laughed about the obvious contrast and the fact that most dietary plans seemed to favor the protein based meal over the meal laced with carbs. What divergence though. Quite amazing how those things jump out at us right?

On that note though, just wondering if I have made what should be a ‘main dish’ in my life a ‘side dish’ in any way and vice versa. Do I require ‘dietary’ advice to reorganize my habits and recalibrate my life to reflect what is healthy and should be important? Just doing a self-check to be sure I truly am making the right choices regarding what should be most important in my life.

In a lighter mood, is anyone looking forward to the Easter break? What’s up? I’m looking forward to some good old, doing nothing rest to clock out the first quarter of the year and take stock. Am I the only one wondering where the year has run to? For me, there is the Resurrection service ‘Resurge’ hosted by The WaterBrook Church on Sunday and then, there’s this 7 hours Praise Concert hosted by Sammie Okposo and friends at the Incubator on Easter Monday from 12 noon to 7pm. In between, I’m going to be paying attention to what’s truly important. I think it’s going to be a great weekend.

Have fun y’all

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  1. Great article as usual, its a wake up call for me, I need to do a self evaluation to know if I’m putting the cart before the horse or vice versa. I’ve learnt a lot from this article. Thanks sis, more stupendous grace.

  2. Fantastic write-up. Good blog. Just reminds us of what to prioritize in life. As the poet Longfellow tells us;
    “life is real, life is earnest/and the grave is not its goal/dust thou art to dust returnest/was not spoken of the soul”
    Let us refocus on the “whole duty of man”.

  3. Hi sis. Nice one. You know it has to be more carbohydrates n less steak for majority of the people because of the high poverty level due to the uneven distributionn of wealth in Nigeria even though Nigeria is a medium income country. Ideally, steak n a side is advised even health wise. Learning the ‘art of stock taking and evaluation’ helps us to be grateful to God for the many graces he bestows on us.

  4. Hmm!This gives you the opportunity to check in your life when the main dish should be protein(growth),and the side dish carbohydrates(energy)and vice-versa.

    Yes I will be at the Resurge Service on Easter Sunday, Marc 31, @ the Oriental Hotel Grand Ball Room.

    RESURGE is giving a freshness to the Easter for me. Its not just another religious celebration, but i see a coming alive in any area of living and being.

  5. Hmmmn. I’d call this majoring in the minors and minoring in the majors. Sometimes we pay more attention to things we shouldn’t even consider at all and less attention to the things that require our full attention. It’s time to have a reality check. Great work sis

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