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It was my birthday a few days ago and I was truly overwhelmed by the love I received. From my sister and brother in law that came into town just to be with me and gifted me with this lovely blog, to all my friends that called, prayed with me, stopped by to say hello and just shared such immense love. My pictures were on countless blackberry messenger display pictures and I got such moving messages, leaving tears in my eyes. For all these, I’d like to say I am truly grateful. To my wonderful friends/family that stayed up waiting till midnight just to ring in my new year, how can I ever repay you guys? To the amazing ladies in my corner who counted down with me, celebrated with all they had and made sacrifices to ensure that I had a lovely day. I truly am overwhelmed.

But that is not my subject for today, my post today is around my good friends who forgot or remembered but couldn’t call or stop by to say hello or perhaps didn’t get to celebrate me as much as the friends in the earlier paragraph. Some years ago, I may have felt very pained and maybe made a fuss, but I have grown up, learned and now more than ever I realize that ‘love is love’. I truly have realized that love must be felt and shared but that the quality of love is truly not dependent on how or when it is shown. So yes, my birthday was a good time to show love but that a friend forgot does not make him/her any less of a friend. That they did not show love to me on my birthday like I may have on theirs doesn’t make their love for me any less authentic. I truly believe that love is a state of mind which reflects in our actions and so I am open to receiving love in whatever way it is offered. So many things contribute to an individual’s emotional make up and to demand that they love or show love in the exact same way as we do is setting ourselves up to be disappointed.

I have learnt and i am still learning and I realize that actions count, but love is way beyond actions or some particular expressions that we have been wired to express. That in itself makes 1 Cor 13 a dangerous scripture seeing one can give his body to be burned and yet have no love. My mum used to say that even an animal knows when it is loved, yes O! love is felt and if we open our hearts up to receive love in all its expressions from those that God has blessed our lives with, our lives will be easier. Mr. A doesn’t show love like Mr.B does but when they show love in their individual manners, we feel loved anyway. So make room for people to love you in the ways they can, even if those ways are different from how you would show love yourself. Give room for slips and failures because we all fail sometimes and it doesn’t make the love any less special. Best of all, love!!! you can only always be sure who you love, so be determined to show some love and live life. Love isn’t just the actions, it is a state of mind and when you ‘feel’ it, please don’t throw it away because it is not matched by the kinds of actions you expect.

And in the words of Chaz B, ‘show love just because…’

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