Reflecting Tuesday… In The Palace But Not In Position

Recently, I have been pondering on ‘attitude’ and how it counts in things that pertain to life and even godliness. It is so important that many organisations have moved from solely performance based appraisals to incorporating qualitative criteria, such that the attitude displayed in getting the job done now counts. The story of David’s journey to kingship is one that comes to mind. We all know Samuel anointed David as king, but then he went back to being a shepherd waiting on the promise. No issues with that, ‘change is coming’, he must have encouraged himself. Then finally, He got called to the palace, but not as the king.

Please, hold on a second, what? A musician to minister to the king when he is tormented? Not to stage a coup and unseat the king? Many of us would have been disgruntled and angry at God; we would have watched Saul in anger and refused to serve. Or we may have displayed a saucy and nasty attitude or began to plot and plan to help God’s purpose in our own wisdom. But 1 Sam 18:14-16 says that David behaved himself wisely in all his ways; and the LORD was with him. Wherefore when Saul saw that he behaved himself very wisely, he was afraid of him…So well behaved was David that, even Saul was afraid of him. Attitude is such a powerful weapon, how else would the king have recognised the kingship anointing on David? Even after he slew Goliath, he continued to play for Saul. Surely, after the praise singing that came with the victory, he had reason to be proud and haughty. But not David.

Oftentimes, God brings us to the palace but we are not yet in position, as trying as that may be, what that demands of us is absolute trust in God and humility, not fighting to take the promise by force. It is time to check our attitudes, are we behaving ourselves wisely when we are denied that promotion we believe was rightfully ours? Or is that the excuse we have to begin to act out of character or try to help God? Let us challenge ourselves to behave wisely whenever we are in palace but not yet in position. God needs our accountability to entrust the promise into our care and with God, pain and delay is always purposeful to refine and train us. Do we thwart God’s purpose by our sub optimal short term reactions to delays? You may not be where you are headed, but enjoy the journey and celebrate God’s plan.

Father, please give us the grace to trust your timing and remain consistent even when we are in the palace but not yet in position. We desire to behave wisely in all our ways like David did in Jesus name.

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