It’s my birthday month and unusually,  just counting down this year was a little tough, especially because a few times in the very recent past, people tactlessly said things to me that really hurt. But as I learn contentment and choose to refine my thinking, I am glad to say that I am grateful by choice and will not allow my needs cloud my view of the many blessings.

Today, as I drove to work, I listened to Nneka Anyachebelu of Family Word Centre on the radio sharing about the benefits of raising kids with the word of God and revelation, benefits such as eternal security, peace in the decisions they make as they grow, peace in the parents old age…the list goes on. There and then, more than any time before in my life,  I was overwhelmed with gratitude to God for my parents and how they raised  me. I truly am grateful for my godly upbringing, and that just spurred me on to a new level of thanksgiving.  Gratitude is an attitude of joy, irrespective of the present circumstances. There is so much to be grateful for;  let’s thank God for the many times we hopelessly slip deep into sin and He picks us up without judging even when we as humans cannot forgive each other for ourselves, for all the times He stays in relationship with us when we go weeks on end without sparing as much as a few minutes to commune with Him, for His Spirit that sets us apart and gives us an edge above our peers, for the promise of an expected end, a hope and a future, for our names that are written in the book of life and for the fact that He knows our uprising and down sitting and has engraved us in the palms of His hands. Wow!!! There is so much to be grateful for you see.

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