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plague of darkness

We hardly ever talk about Goshen, however, I am more than convinced, that the city of Goshen has strong prophetic overtones for the Body of Christ—especially in the light of current happenings all around us. To begin with, where was Goshen? In Egypt? In the enemy’s territory. And where are we? As Christians we live in Egypt too. Goshen is that part of Egypt where the Israelites dwelt during their sojourn there. It was the land Pharaoh gave to Joseph to dwell in with His siblings and family when they came to Egypt because he disclosed that they were shepherds. They went into Goshen with great favour and God prospered and multiplied them largely even before the plagues.

Before the Exodus, God sent ten plagues as punishments on Pharaoh and Egypt for not allowing God’s people, Israel, to g...

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‘Conversation in the Womb’

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Baby 1: And you, you believe in life after birth?

Baby 2: Absolutely. It’s obvious that life after birth exists. We are here to become stronger and to get ready for whatever awaits us next.

Baby 1: This is absurd. There is nothing after birth! What would life look like outside the womb!

Baby 2: Well, there are many stories about the other side. I’ve heard there is a blaze of light there, an intense and profound feeling of joy with deep emotions, thousands of things to live for… For example, I’ve heard that we’ll eat with our mouth there.

Baby 1: That’s silly. We have an umbilical cord and that is how we eat. Everyone knows that we don’t use our mouth to eat! And, on top of that, no one has ever come back from the other world. Those stories are all coming from naive people...

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Hearing vs. Listening

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Hearing vs Listening

I love children and have been privileged over the years to watch my young cousins grow from young 6 and 7 year olds to teenagers’ right under my nose.  Not only have they become teenagers, they have grown to just become my little friends who happen to call me ‘auntie’. They check me and trust me; they know a lot more than they let on so we have wide and varied conversations on everything which I thoroughly enjoy. Well, today’s post is inspired by them. Love you girls.

Recently, they had been complaining to me that I tend not to listen when they are speaking with me. Not one, not two, but all three of them at different times had subtly and expressly complained about me not listening and I admit that I am guilty...

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Don’t Forget to Remember

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don't forget to remember

Don’t forget to remember…Those are the beginning lines of a song that so aptly encapsulates my thoughts for today.

A few days ago, it was a friend’s birthday and in the build up to her birthday, I had noticed her progressively move from excitement about the day to some moodiness and next thing, she was semi depressed. As I spoke to her, she tried to cloud it but I just discerned and there and then I just remembered walking down a path like that before. Somehow, it just felt spooky to see her exactly replicating my own journey and there and then I realized how true it was, everything that happens to us in our lives is not just for our own benefits. Truly, it is mostly for someone else to look, see and learn.

Truth is we need to be people with a memory...

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Hello Everyone!!!

I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, last week was busy as I was preparing with my choir, the Lagos Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) and Friends for the concert ‘Beyond Music’ that held on Sunday May 26th. What God did with willing hearts and hands? That is gist for another post… He showed up big time and I am still amazed at His faithfulness.

Today, my thought is just around ‘Peace’ and the fact that ‘Peace’ comes from who you know.

A famous quote says  “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm …”

Recently, I asked God for one thing; peace. With all the life changing decisions I have to make, peace is a priority...

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The Parable of the Egg

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parable of the egg

Two weeks ago, after I wrote the post about George Muller titled ‘Dare to Believe’, a friend asked me to try and balance faith and patience. She was worried that the piece appeared to reflect faith and instant results when sometimes, God leaves us waiting as He did Joseph, David and Abraham amongst others. Think about it, these men carried God’s promise but didn’t get instant results. However, they carried God’s presence, which is why Joseph prospered though in prison. He was joyful through the wait because he kept God’s presence, he wasn’t weary. Isaiah 40:31 says it clearly that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. I’ve come to realize that when I begin to feel weary in waiting, I have somewhat disconnected from God’s presence...

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Dare to believe again!

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George Muller

Ah Lord GOD! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee: Jer. 32:17

Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? Jer. 32:27

Growing up for me was fun and during holidays we got to compete in bicycle races with neighbours or just go across the street to visit. We would play and run the entire house down and leave in enough time for our friends to tidy up before their parents returned. I remember one of such holidays, I was 8 or 9 and we had agreed to go ask Dad and Mum for permission to go visit with the neighbours...

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Theory vs. Practice

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A few days ago, someone asked me to verbally instruct her on how to make Starch (A Niger Delta delicacy often relished with Banga soup or Owo soup) and then I told her that I would have to show her practically, but that besides that, the consistency that is neither too hard or too soft can only be attained by some practice. As I said that, I smiled, remembering how I saw my mum and grand mum often measure the consistency of the starch and water mixture against the back of their palms to determine if it was good to go.

Another analogy,  let’s say you need a driver, here comes a well-spoken young man who understands all the principles of a car engine; from the hydraulics to the brake system but has never actually driven a car before vs...

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Things Eternal…

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My heart and prayers go to all those affected by yesterday’s bomb blast in Boston.  It has been a timely reminder of how fleeting life is and how no one knows which day is their last. I pray that God gives each of us the grace to live our lives in realization of those realities.

On April 14, 1912, at 10:00 p.m. the Titanic crashed into an iceberg and in four hours, it sank, leaving hundreds dead. According to the stories, one woman in a life boat asked if she could go back to her room. She was given only three minutes to do so and she hurried down the corridors, already tilting dangerously, through the gambling room piled ankle deep with money. In her fancy estate room were treasures waiting to be taken, but instead she snatched up three oranges and hurried back to the boat...

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But Naaman went away angry and said. “I thought he would surely come out to me and call on the name of the Lord His God , wave his hand over the spot and heal me of my leprosy…2 Kings 5:11

Many times, we hurt in our relationship with God and people because of unfounded expectations. Many children of God believe in a walk with God devoid of pain and full of joy all the way or that God will do everything and we have no part to play. Same way, many of us go into relationships expecting a bed of roses. What discourages most of us in our lives is not what life brings up, it actually is unmet expectations. It can totally block our sights to even the present joys that God gives...

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