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Appointing your days

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appoint your days

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2018.

In Psalm 90, Moses wrote a very famous verse, “Teach us to number our days O Lord that we may have a heart of wisdom.” Does it mean that we should realize the limited number of days we have on earth? Yes. But I have come to realize that it means even more. The word “number” here is a translation of the Hebrew word “manah” which also means to appoint and ordain. So it can be translated, “Teach us to appoint our days, to ordain our time.”

Typically, when someone is about to go into ministry, there is often something called an ordination service in which other ministers lay hands on, pray over, publicly recognize, anoint, and commission him for the ministry and purpose for which he has been called by God...

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The Unwanted Guest

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not welcome

It was one of those public holidays and I was sitting with a group of friends fiddling with my mobile phone when a video ad popped up. It had a loud narrative and I was shocked out of my skin because I had never seen it prior to that time. I quickly excused it, and imagined that if that happened at a business meeting, I would have been sorely embarrassed. Well, that was the beginning of a series of pop up video ads, not only were they annoyingly inconvenient, they were using up my data too. I could be chatting with a friend and all of a sudden the screen will freeze and these annoying videos will pop up. I was really irritated and after a few enquiries confirmed that this experience was not a general one I began to seek a solution.

The ads became a little more frequent and I left my phone ...

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Jerusalem to Antioch

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jerusalem to antioch

I remember a cousin from way back; she wanted to study medicine and got admitted to study microbiology. She was unable to switch courses after the first year so she finished her first degree. She was exceptional and graduated top of her class and there were conversations around getting an M.Sc. and building a career there. But it burned in her heart that she was called to become a doctor so she went back to school to study medicine and went on to become a consultant. She was not tempted to stop midway because she found it successful. Rather, against all odds, and in spite of how much longer it would cost her in school, she forged ahead in pursuit of her dream.

There is a similar story in the book of Acts...

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But Daniel…

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But Daniel3

It was my birthday two days ago and I’d like to thank everyone who reached out to me. WOW!!! I am overwhelmed by the show of love and truly feel underserving. I am immensely blessed to have you all celebrate the ‘Stupendous Grace’ of God and the gift of life with me. Thank you!!!

‘But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would  not defile himself with the portion of the king’s delicacies nor with the wine which he drank; therefore he requested of the chief of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself’ (Daniel 1:8)

I am sure we are mostly familiar with the above text, but let us look at how we can apply it into our lives...

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The Cycle of Life

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I once heard about a survey carried out in a nursing home. The senior citizens, many of whom were close to death were asked if they had any regrets and the results revealed that most of them were unanimous in their regrets, some of which are presented below: 

  1. They regretted not taking enough risks
  2. They regretted not spending time with family.

That was all. Nobody remembered who got married or who had children first, who built the first house or had a fleet of ships and cars. At that age, all of that had no meaning. It was all about having fulfilled purpose and relationships. This has inspired me to some thought of recent, after which I found out that I am at a tensionable position...

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“How are you doing?”

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“Hello, how are you doing?” That is often a conversation opener or something we say when we meet people at first and for many of us, one question we generally do not expect a response to.

Well, that assumes that we are beginning a conversation in the first place and not barging in on them like some do with a PING on BBM instead of hello to get one’s attention (that irks me to no end) and I have an aunt who does it just for that reason. I love you auntie :-) Anyway, back to the main gist, it takes other forms such as, howdy, which also means, ‘how are you doing?’

how are you

My pastor once told a story of how at a service, you know how you are encouraged to exchange pleasantries with the person next to you and smile and make them welcome just before the service begins or in the course of the ser...

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