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The War Room

Hello everyone.

#Spoiler Alert. I hate to be a movie spoiler but I’m sharing a few lessons from the WarRoom movie. I am also writing this so I can read it again and again and also in the hope that it would encourage someone.

  • Prayer is about relating with God and it is not a chore but it helps if we document our relationship. Create a prayer room like the bible encourages (something about a dedicated space and a journal) that makes prayer and meditation a commitment. I am learning to go back to deliberate date nights with God, hearing Him, speaking back to Him and tracking my requests so I can ‘LOUD IT’ when He comes through.

the war room 1

  • The gospel is an impact message and I don’t require a title to share it. Everywhere I am/go is a pulpit. It was amazing how Ms...
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Triumph over Adversity I

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Nneka Hephzibah Obiagwu

There are a few women I have been privileged to meet whose lives inspire me especially on my own journey. Today, I want to share a very abridged version of Nneka’s story. She is a fantastic woman, strong from inside out; a very rare reflection of ‘Triumphing over Adversity’. I will be sharing her story in two parts seeing it is quite lengthy.

Nneka was born and bred in the eastern part of Nigeria in the 70’s and all her life, wanted to be a diplomat. In particular, she aspired to be the first African female Secretary – General  of the United nations. Thankfully, she was the daughter of a Political Science academic and plotted her career path to ensure she ended up as an International Relations specialist in Conflict Negotiation...

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“This time next year…”

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this time next year

This is a guest post, I pray it encourages and blesses you as it did me.

I met my Lover sometime in 2003. He told me I was his wife on the 12th of June 2004.  No we did not start dating, neither did I agree to date him for many many years. I decided we were better off as friends. (That my people is another day’s tori.) After all said and done we got married exactly a year ago today. Because of the time I took to weigh my decision to get married, I always said that I married deliberately and consciously with my senses intact so “no shaking”. However, the past year didn’t turn out to be all roses and cream. Mama didn’t raise no fool so I expected some tough times, I just didn’t expect the tough times to appear so soon...

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