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This story is about a couple and how their actions inspired me greatly to be more. For me, they are #goals in this regard

So, I was at the residence of Mr and Mrs A on Saturday and realized they were planning a party. Not a very big party but they hired a caterer, there were rented seats and tables and music. When I inquired, they said it was for their support staff; people that work in and around their home. When I saw the scale though, I remember wondering at the scale. How many domestic staff could they possibly have?

And then, the people started arriving with their families, and the party began.  There was such a ‘joie de vivre’ in the air and everyone was having a nice time. At some point Mr A began to speak and what he said inspired this post...

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The 6 personality styles: Which are you?

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6 approaches

I have been studying the book of Acts and feeling more inspired than ever to share the gospel of the kingdom everywhere like the early church did. But like many of us, oftentimes I feel constrained because I do not have the ‘depth’ or ‘utterance’ like some people I know so I refrain from sharing altogether.  However, I have recently been reminded that we are all called to minister, even if we are not all called to ministerial offices like pastors and evangelists. By God’s design, we are all different and so my personality determines, or at least impacts, the style of evangelism/ministration  that I could adopt.

In this post, I am going to share very briefly on six effective evangelistic styles inspired by a little exhortation I was recently blessed by...

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Mary & Martha

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Mary and Martha

I have addressed the story of Mary and Martha before, see it  here One Thing..,  today however, I’m taking another perspective. We are going deeper. Someone say ‘deeper’. Okay, now I am sure that we are all here. :-)

First mention we have of Mary and Martha of Bethany and their brother Lazarus is in Luke 10.The bible records they were Jesus’ friends and he was visiting their home. Whilst Martha was busy making sure supper was ready, Mary sat at Jesus’ feet listening to him and learning about him.

We often flip this story when we share about ‘ONE THING being needful,’ and more often than not, people come away thinking that relationship/intimacy with Christ such as Mary had is mutually exclusive to service which Martha showed.

Now, truly, does one ever have guests and not provide for t...

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Say No to ‘Normal’

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“We really don’t know. God is the one that makes things work”

I was chatting with a friend some days ago; we had spoken a little about a relationship of mine that did not work out. I told him how It really felt like he was good for me, yet it still didn’t work out. At some point, I lost my peace and dragged on until I finally let go. I said to my friend, I may have felt that he was good for me but he wasn’t God’s best for me, else the relationship would have worked out.

The friend I was chatting with answered  “We don’t even know, God is the one that makes all things work out. Some things we think are best for us – like Samuel thought about Saul – turn out to be the very worst.”
That got me thinking...
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