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A Father’s Joy

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fathers joy

As a child, I sometimes thought my parents were taskmasters. LOL!!! You know how you hear your name all the way in your bedroom from the living room and it’s to pass them the remote  which by the way is sitting next to them or to come open the door for a guest when they are right there in the living room. Yeah,  African parents must have a script they act out inadvertently because they literally all act the same way.

My dad was the one that took me to all my common entrance exams and he always waited with snacks and lunch in the car to ask me ‘how did it go?’ We went the whole 9 yards from the National Common Entrance to the entrance for then military schools and when my brother and I got admitted to boarding school far away from home, he drove over 400km to drop, pick or visit us...

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The Bus Driver

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bus driver 1

Yesterday I remembered a story Pastor Poju once shared. My big sister, Salt, shared the CD with me in January 2014, and yesterday God brought it to my memory. Since it has been on my spirit all day, I decided to share it today.

The Bus Driver!

One morning, an old experienced man who had lived in the same neighborhood for a long time and commuted daily via bus on the same route made his way to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Not too long afterwards, he was joined by a little boy. The boy got to the bust stop and walked a little farther down and stood. He was obviously also waiting for the same bus as the old man.

The Old Man was a good man and he called out to the young boy...

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The joy of the Lord is your strength!

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the joy

A few weekends ago, I had several family commitments in addition to an already tightly packed schedule. It was just a miracle that I made it through and ticked all the boxes. I managed to get in a few hours of sleep and was wondering how I was going to face the week with that significant sleep deficit. I was physically drained. However, I showed up at work on Monday morning and everyone seemed to have amazing compliments about how rested I looked. I was surprised because although I didn’t feel tired and exhausted, I didn’t expect to look rested.

As I pondered on the one comment too many, God brought Neh. 8:10b back to me. It says, ‘…the joy of the Lord is my strength...

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An Agnostic in the Creeks

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Agnostic in the Creeks

I’m glad to share this post by my friend and brother, Batarhe Foghi, son of God, husband to my friend/sister, father to a cutie bunny and student of life. :-)

Agnostic in the Creeks1

I’m a student of life, one who reflects on simple and ordinary things that others would probably just shrug their shoulders and move on without a thought. So what you are about to read is a product of one of those introspective moments.

So you were born in a Christian home, raised in Sunday school and with all of the fascinating pictures and stories in ‘My Book of Bible Stories’. You enjoyed the stories of creation and didn’t for a moment doubt the existence of a Living God who most definitely put this splendour called the Universe in place. If you belong in this category, then congratulations to you.

Some other people may have had t...

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