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I lied…

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I lied

Sometime ago, I was in a meeting, somewhat of a negotiation type, it was going so well and somewhere towards the end of the conversation, I told a lie. It didn’t start out as a blatant lie; it was a misstatement and I could tell from the way the other party to the conversation understood and responded that it was a lie. At that point, I could feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to correct the misstatement but I just didn’t at the time. Delayed obedience is same as disobedience, so I  was disobeying in addition to telling a lie.  I headed home. On my way home, I thought to place a call to address it but it was quite late at the time.

i lied 4

My heart was so heavy, why did I tell that lie? Yes it appeared to give me a little advantage but it was a lie regardless making me lose my peace...

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I grew up in a town in southern Nigeria and made plans to go visit with my family over the Sallah holidays. Last week, as I talked about my impending trip home, one of my younger colleagues asked me about the bats. Bats? I looked at him a little confused and stunned. Then he said to me that there were bats around the city centre where the traditional ruler’s palace was located. Okay, there was a defensive part of me that was looking to challenge him and rebut what he said, after all I grew up there and felt I knew the town...

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