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It was October 5 2015, as I drove to work that day; I tuned my radio to listen to Smooth 98.1’s 7:30 am ‘Freshly Pressed.’ It turned out that it was World Teachers Day. The presenters took time to appreciate their fondest teachers and encouraged everyone to do same; very nostalgic memories that program turned up.

I realized then that I wanted to say thank you to my after school Common Entrance tutor. The first memory of inspiration to really stretch my mental capacity, outside of my parents and immediate family, came from him and taking those lessons. Over the years, however, I had never gotten to thank him...

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Make that Move!

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motion light

My uncle has motion detector light bulbs installed at his residence and the lights come on when there is movement around them. It is almost magical; as I park my car and step out, the security light just by the front door comes on and goes off soon after I make my way in, and provided there is power, the lights respond to me as I move through the house. However, I realized that if I stayed in one place without movement, even though the light had responded to my previous movement, it would go off. So I could be right underneath the motion sensitive light bulb but I would be in darkness because I stopped moving. Mid staircase, there is another of such bulbs, it doesn’t come on until I take one step onto the staircase, then and only then does the indicator pick my body warmth. Sometimes, it is dark at the bottom of the staircase so I am unable to see the entire staircase until I take a step onto the first step and move into the darkness. I can then see the light for the rest of the journey because the lights come on.

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In Transition…

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In transition

I’m glad to have @2yus as a guest on my blog today. She was here last year with the ‘This Time Next Year’ post. check it out here.  

Today she shares about Transition…Enjoy

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman, all I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between…” Britney Spears

In life, we often find ourselves ‘in between’. In between our reality and our dreams/goals/aspirations. There is always a period of ‘waiting to become’; a season of transition. It is not a pleasant place to be in. This is not surprising; no one likes long layovers while travelling even where the waiting time is a definite 4 or 7 hours. Just imagine been in transit indefinitely. Arrghhhh!!! But wait you must. I admit that in life it is quite tough to go through a season of transition.  I...

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As a child, I grew up on the campus of a Federal University in Southern Nigeria. At the time, everything worked, we had lush green lawns, mostly uninterrupted power supply and there was order and security there. The street lights worked and we had a directory right by the PABX lines with which we could call everyone else who lived on the campus. When we talked about our friends, our parents could easily tell from the surname whose children they were. We had bicycle riding competitions, football competitions and the girls played 10-10, Monopoly , Scrabble, and the Name, Animal, Place and Thing game. Yes we did go out of the campus but mostly to parties or to visit with family and family friends so to a large extent, that was the world as I knew it.

Then I went to boarding secondary school i...

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