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Make that Move!

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motion light

My uncle has motion detector light bulbs installed at his residence and the lights come on when there is movement around them. It is almost magical; as I park my car and step out, the security light just by the front door comes on and goes off soon after I make my way in, and provided there is power, the lights respond to me as I move through the house. However, I realized that if I stayed in one place without movement, even though the light had responded to my previous movement, it would go off. So I could be right underneath the motion sensitive light bulb but I would be in darkness because I stopped moving. Mid staircase, there is another of such bulbs, it doesn’t come on until I take one step onto the staircase, then and only then does the indicator pick my body warmth. Sometimes, it is dark at the bottom of the staircase so I am unable to see the entire staircase until I take a step onto the first step and move into the darkness. I can then see the light for the rest of the journey because the lights come on.

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Take your medicine!

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medicine 1

Hello everyone,

This happened yesterday and I thought to share.

Mondays are typically my busiest week day at work. You know the drill, arrive at work, draw up To-Do List, start working through, ticking check check as you go. Yesterday was a desk day, meaning that I had no meetings, just me and my lonely ‘lappie’ and the long to do-list. So i worked meticulously through the list and about mid-day, I realised my laptop was flashing a low battery warning.  Not a big deal, all I needed to do was connect my charger right?  Guess what? I actually ensured that I connected the charger to my power socket and continued working. I felt like I had dealt the distraction and was ready to continue with my work.

medicine 3

Not too long afterwards though, I got another more desperate warning from my laptop...

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