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The PT I know…

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It’s amazing, the realisation that PT is 60!!!

I remember when it struck me fully in the first half of 2016 that he was knocking on 60’s door, I could not believe myself. Suddenly, all I could see was a man who chose to be impactful regardless of the generation. So I am here to share a few things about the Pastor Tony Rapu (PT) I know.

He is one of those people one would have been jealous of as a sibling or class mate. The very simple reason is that he has what I call a midas touch. Anything PT touches, he does well. He is a man of excellence. It is not only what he preaches, it is what He lives. Embedded in PT is an unwavering commitment to order...

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Welcome to 2017

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Happy New Year Y’all,

I’m so glad we made it through 2016.

One thing that has been on my mind is to start  ‘doing what I know.’ Often times, we know so much and do so little. For me, this is the time to stop accumulating more knowledge without application especially because I know the power is in applied knowledge. So for a start, I’m making a decision to be more deliberate about documenting my journey in 2017. I already know what Habbakuk 2:2 says (And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables…) I have applied it in part previously as regards my goals. Now, I will be more deliberate and consistent about writing it all down. I will be more deliberate about praising through it all too.

There is something about writing it down and here I am not speaking...

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Do You Know Him?

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If you know me, you will know that I have a huge thing for Zaria based pastors, from Chris Delvan to Chingtok Ishaku and Joshua Selman. I listened to Pastor Chingtok Ishaku teach recently, and he shared a story that interested me.

A few years ago Pastor Chingtok was trying to make his way to Abuja to preach after a service at his church in Zaria. At the time he did not have a travel worthy car so his wife dropped him off at the park. As he boarded the taxi, he pulled out his Blackberry phone (t’was in the hey days of BB’s), with Pastor Chingtok labeled across the messenger. A conversation started.

Him: Wow, I really like Pastor Chingtok

CI: Really? Do you know him?

Him: Very much (he goes on to describe the powerful meetings and ministry and how Pastor Chingtok is his favorite pastor i...

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Legacy vs. Inheritance

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A few days ago I was reading a piece by Sam Chand and here is an excerpt:

“People get those things confused. So I want to clarify it for you today. Inheritance is what you leave behind. Legacy is who you leave behind. Inheritance you can buy. Legacy you cannot purchase. For me to leave a good inheritance I just need some money. I can leave houses, cars, lands, stocks, bonds, insurance policies that is inheritance. Legacy is, who will be there because I invested in their life. Who will be there that will say ‘if it had not been for Sam Chand,’ that is legacy.”

As I read through, I thought about David and his life of legacy. I share a few of my thoughts here.

After David’s life had been threatened by Saul in 1 Samuel 21, he ran away, and later became a captain of 400 discontent men.

And ...

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#LOUDIT: Trusting His Heart

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trust Gods heart

You know how you watch a friend journey through life and share somewhat in the highs and lows so much so that you feel like you could write an Oscar winning script out of it? That’s exactly how I feel about my friend Pearl and the amazing story God is writing with her life.

I met Pearl a while ago. She is one of those people who are extremely passionate so she’s impossible to ignore.

Pearl worked as a banker in Nigeria but had always nursed the dream of living and working in a multinational company in the US. For this dream to happen, she knew she had to go to school in the US. Back then, she and God had one of those relationships where she only went to Him when she needed a breakthrough. So when it was time to resign her job and head to school, she again went to God...

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What’s on your dashboard?

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your dashboard

I was driving over the past weekend and my dashboard lights came on showing ‘Low Tyre pressure.’ I am able to drive several miles with the warning light on until I get to a vulcanizer. Usually, when I get to one, they have to gauge all the tyres to discover which exact one is low on pressure. Depending on how low the pressure is, they either pump the tyre or try to figure out why and fix same. On Saturday, they found a long nail in one of my rear tyres and then they fixed it.

As I thought about the low tyre pressure warning, I realised we all get those warnings as we journey through life. If we attend to them quickly, we can avoid the ‘flat’ tyre and all the inconvenience and sometimes embarrassment that comes with it...

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Choose to enjoy your transition…

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life seasons

Some of you are experiencing an extremely dampened pace in your lives right now, and it may be an uncomfortable, even painful switch from the life you’re used to. I am not sure what it is for you, maybe God has led you into a place you thought would be booming with fruitfulness…only instead of what you expected, now your steps have ground to a near halt. If you are one of those people who has always had things plain easy and now have to deal with a slow season, it’s plain difficult to stay stable in the face of a slow transition. The year just crossed into the second half and you cannot seem to find God in your circumstance. Instead you are burdened by the apparent time lapse in the delivery of your blessings...

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It was the end of her fellowship and Alero smiled as she unpacked her gifts. Uncle Lawrence, her godfather, definitely knew how to surprise her. She got a new Macbook, she remembered mentioning needing a new one once in a conversation. She also got a lovely selfie stick and a note saying ‘go see the world’ and a cruise ticket for a Transatlantic cruise over the summer break. She was so thrilled by his generosity but more by his thoughtfulness.

Uncle Lawrence. Together they shared a special bond which only grew stronger as she aged, she thought.  Alero had Uncle Lawrence on speed dial, from Facebook to Twitter, Twitter to Skype, His PA knew that Alero’s calls were not to be ignored and their relationship made Uncle Lawrence the savvy tech guy amongst his peers...

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The War Room

Hello everyone.

#Spoiler Alert. I hate to be a movie spoiler but I’m sharing a few lessons from the WarRoom movie. I am also writing this so I can read it again and again and also in the hope that it would encourage someone.

  • Prayer is about relating with God and it is not a chore but it helps if we document our relationship. Create a prayer room like the bible encourages (something about a dedicated space and a journal) that makes prayer and meditation a commitment. I am learning to go back to deliberate date nights with God, hearing Him, speaking back to Him and tracking my requests so I can ‘LOUD IT’ when He comes through.

the war room 1

  • The gospel is an impact message and I don’t require a title to share it. Everywhere I am/go is a pulpit. It was amazing how Ms...
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One BIG Lesson

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2015 was a year of so many lessons. I would like to share one BIG lesson that was reiterated in my life this year; but first, a background story.

Mr. Robin had an excited little dog, Chloe. She wore her leash and was left around the yard to play. After a while, she started circling a tree, getting herself encumbered. Mr. Robin told her to stop, as she needed to retrace her steps in order to disentangle herself; he knew because he could see the entire picture. Chloe, however, probably felt it was a game or that she was fine all by herself (you know that independent place). After all, there was still more room along the leash, she must have thought. She continued circling the tree until she was totally roped in and almost choking. Only then did she begin whimpering and crying out for help...

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LOUD IT: Faith in the Faithfulness of God

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Faithfulness.jpg 1

I had just joined the choir and was still a little lost in the crowd. We had finished choral recitals that day when some lady stood up and wanted to make an announcement. With a shy smile, she said, ‘Today makes it 1000 days since I’ve been married to my best friend and lover…and she had many more accolades to shower on her husband who was also a member of the choir. As per romantic, I was very moved; somehow down the line we became friends, and then family.

First thing I noticed about them was that they were friends constantly struggling to outlove each other. For example, one could organize a surprise for the other and end up being surprised instead. More so, they had such a marvelous heart for God and loved kids.  It was easy to love and be inspired by them...

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Sustaining His Presence…

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His Presence 6

You know, when we consider the challenges of day to day life, it’s so easy and oftentimes justifiable to get caught up in our cares, errands and worries that we lose sight of what matters most. We seem to just be focused on what is happening around us now, so much so that we often lose grip of the more important and then the most important things.

His Presence 1

Let us consider a very apt illustration- there’s an interesting little story at the end of Luke 2 about Joseph, Mary and Jesus. For an average Israelite, the Passover was a really big deal, people saved all year to ensure that they were able to afford to make the trip to Jerusalem with whatever animal the law required of them depending on how wealthy they were...

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A reason, season or a lifetime…

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I first read this poem in 1998 and it moved me profoundly, I have had cause to make reference to it several times over the years.  There’s been serious controversy on authorship of the poem so I’ll abscribe it to Mr. Author Unknown. :-) I am sure most if not all of us have read it but today, I am glad to make reference to it.

“People always come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.


When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, or to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually. They may seem like a godsend to you, and they are...

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“One theory says that if you treat people well, you’re more likely to encourage them to do what you want, making all the effort pay off. Do this, get that.

Another one, which I prefer, is that you might consider treating people with kindness merely because you can, regardless of what they choose to do in response; this is what you choose to do. Because you can”.

The above was culled from Seth Godin’s blog and it inspired me to share the story of two people who met ever so randomly and transformed each other’s lives just by their kindness, and that, because they could.

And no, they didn’t get married : )

She said…

It was a Thursday evening in September 2010 and I was on my way to choir rehearsals from work, I was running late and at some point on my way, I tried to take a phone cal...

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My Love Letter to God

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Letter to God

Some weeks ago, I got an opportunity to write a Love Letter to God on Tomi Akibo’s blog. Thank you Tomi.

I have taken the liberty of reproducing it here for those of us that haven’t read it already.

Dear God, Father,

Oh, how privileged I am to reach out and call you Father and not in a perfunctory sense, I say it with a deep sense of knowing, with an experiential sense of having walked the path with you as a father.

How do I begin?  For days on end, I have considered how to begin this letter to you and what to say. Every song I’ve sang has again inspired me to say more and thank you for more. I am so blessed to have you, especially because you loved me first.  Eternity is not enough for me to respond to the depth of your love...

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She stood before the Kaiser. He had just returned from the conquest of nations. It was the year of the Reich. Many had lost their heads because of the prophecy called the “Kaiser and his bride”. But it was unfolding. The establishment of the Reich of righteousness. He had slain the beast, crushed the horde from the grave and liberated the ones held captive.

It was all for her.

His face shone brightly! – he smiled at her, as he extended his sceptre in her direction. To the dismay of critics, he held out his hands to her despite her filth. His eyes locked in on her fiercely and his gaze was full of grace.


She spoke. Her voice shaking with every syllable “but Lord I don’t deserve this”…

“On that day I will take you, my servant, and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you...

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We will say Holy

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We will say holy

“That I may know Him [that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him…” – Philippians 3:10 (AMP)

Every time I study Philippians 3:10, it hits me and today I am sharing one of those insights. That I may know him?  I have always wondered what more Paul wanted to know about God when I was just dying here to have his experience. I mean, check out his first hand conversion experience on the way to Damascus, or the 3 years he spent in the desert of Arabia, where he was taught by God himself. (Gal. 1-2). Or shall we just consider how much he may have seen and experienced considering his out of body experience to the third heavens in 2 Cor 12? And after all this, he still desired to know God?

we will say holy1

So my questions started...

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Race against Time

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Race against Time.2

After reading the essay written by my 14-year old cousin for her Creative Writing classwork, I found several insightful lessons within, that I could not help but share both the piece and the lessons. Thanks Orowo, I love you. Enjoy! —-

race against time .3

The bleak whiteness of my English essay paper shot me back to reality. As I anxiously looked around the plain-walled classroom, my gaze fell and rested on the round clock hung on the wall at the front. I sized it up intently; well aware of the power it had over the outcome of this exam. In that moment, I decided that I was going to beat time at its own game. There are no alternatives. One last glance was granted to the clock before I took to starting my essay. Tick tock…fifteen minutes into the exams and I was moving strong, well past half a page...

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Stand Up!!!

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Once when they had finished eating and drinking in Shiloh, Hannah stood up… in bitterness of soul, Hannah wept much and prayed to the Lord (1 Sam. 1:9-10)

When I study the life of Hannah, I see how God did something new in her life, moved her from depressed, despondent and downcast to remarkable and from least likely to be a mum to a most mighty mum. She was the mother of one of Israel’s most remarkable prophets. It’s a story about breakthrough, new life, deliverance. It’s about intercession, obedience, about the privilege of being used by God in his plans and purposes. It’s about how God intervened in an ordinary woman’s life. I consider it to be very exciting!

We all know the story of Hannah, Elkanah had two wives: Peninnah who had children and Hannah who had none...

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