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I hear voices

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i hear voices 2

This was written by my friend and I am trusting that it will speak to you like it did me.

This is a post about hope and encouragement and about how God leads us step by step, word by word, line by line, precept by precept.

So last year God gave me a word about my desire for marriage. I read it, aahhed, and then like we humans are wont to do, promptly forgot about it. Thankfully I had bookmarked it on my Bible app and so late last year when I was in the doldrums and looking for encouragement, I looked up my bookmarks and there it was.

This time I didn’t forget it. I wrote it down. I say it over and over again. My spirit leaps with joy every time I remember it

A few months later, I was led to Psalm 113:9 ‘He makes the barren woman to keep house and into a joyful mother of children...

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You deserve all the blessings…

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You deserve it all

You deserve all the blessings heaven has to offer!

Don’t ever doubt that.

You truly deserve all heaven has and more because of Jesus.

But why does this reality elude us?

I decided to find out how things really worked in the scripture. I found that we have a Father that has abundance inside abundance. For example, Jesus fed the multitudes and there was plenty leftover (Mathew 14:20). In another instance, Peter had a great catch after toiling all night and catching nothing (Luke 5:6). Jesus always wanted his disciples to have an idea of the abundance that comes to those who follow Him.

you deserve it all. 4

God’s abundance is not only limited to material things. When you come to him everything he offers you exceeds your expectation (Ephesians 3:20). When he offers salvation, he saves to the uttermost...

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This Time Next Year II…

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I testify

Wow!!! God is always on time. Today, I am so excited to have @2yus back to share the sequel to her ‘This time next year’ post from last year. If you haven’t read it, please check it out here

Have you ever made plans that fell right through? If yes, then you must be familiar with the feeling of uncertainty that comes right after. Sometimes the emotions involved run deeper than uncertainty. You begin to doubt yourself, you feel like your life is at a standstill and you have to listen to everyone give an opinion on what you might have done wrong that made your plans fail or done better to make them succeed. It sucks to be in that place. This was me at some point in the past few months.

To summarize,  my Lover and I made a decision that would require us living apart for a while...

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An Agnostic in the Creeks

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Agnostic in the Creeks

I’m glad to share this post by my friend and brother, Batarhe Foghi, son of God, husband to my friend/sister, father to a cutie bunny and student of life. :-)

Agnostic in the Creeks1

I’m a student of life, one who reflects on simple and ordinary things that others would probably just shrug their shoulders and move on without a thought. So what you are about to read is a product of one of those introspective moments.

So you were born in a Christian home, raised in Sunday school and with all of the fascinating pictures and stories in ‘My Book of Bible Stories’. You enjoyed the stories of creation and didn’t for a moment doubt the existence of a Living God who most definitely put this splendour called the Universe in place. If you belong in this category, then congratulations to you.

Some other people may have had t...

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In Transition…

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In transition

I’m glad to have @2yus as a guest on my blog today. She was here last year with the ‘This Time Next Year’ post. check it out here.  

Today she shares about Transition…Enjoy

“I’m not a girl, not yet a woman, all I need is time, a moment that is mine, while I’m in between…” Britney Spears

In life, we often find ourselves ‘in between’. In between our reality and our dreams/goals/aspirations. There is always a period of ‘waiting to become’; a season of transition. It is not a pleasant place to be in. This is not surprising; no one likes long layovers while travelling even where the waiting time is a definite 4 or 7 hours. Just imagine been in transit indefinitely. Arrghhhh!!! But wait you must. I admit that in life it is quite tough to go through a season of transition.  I...

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Who’s your daddy?

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who's your daddy

As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let us go over to the other side of the lake.”

I had read Mark 4: 35 and was wondering why Jesus rebuked the disciples for having little faith when the boat was sinking. I was curious because I thought, “what were they supposed to do?!” Even if they had faith, how were they to express it in that moment of fear and imminent danger?

Were they to just frantically keep emptying the boat of the water flooding in, all the while mumbling mechanically to themselves “I have faith, I have faith, I have faith!” ?

whos your daddy4

Or were they to wake Jesus up in a gentler manner, rather than in frightened tears? What if they said to Him, whispering in an unruffled way that the boat was sinking. Would that have been a better expression of faith?

I wondered and pr...

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“This time next year…”

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this time next year

This is a guest post, I pray it encourages and blesses you as it did me.

I met my Lover sometime in 2003. He told me I was his wife on the 12th of June 2004.  No we did not start dating, neither did I agree to date him for many many years. I decided we were better off as friends. (That my people is another day’s tori.) After all said and done we got married exactly a year ago today. Because of the time I took to weigh my decision to get married, I always said that I married deliberately and consciously with my senses intact so “no shaking”. However, the past year didn’t turn out to be all roses and cream. Mama didn’t raise no fool so I expected some tough times, I just didn’t expect the tough times to appear so soon...

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Trust The Dream Giver

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Dream Giver

My dear readers, today I am featuring a guest post by a dear friend, Sophie Neeze. I trust that it will bless you as it did me.  Enjoy!


So, it’s the first week of November, and I’m temping at an office in the city. It’s a week-long gig, and I’m grateful to have it for many reasons. This time last year, I was in this same office, temping for the first time, and I was a completely different person.

I was an emotional wreck, having just come out of a relationship; and as regards my faith, which is the centre of my existence, I was a sad mess! I had always been the progressive sort; the type of person who believed that in few or many steps, there was always an organized procedure one could adopt to ensure that desired ends were achieved...

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