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incomplete puzzle

A few weeks ago, I was at a training session at work.  We were split into 3 groups and each group had a jigsaw puzzle to complete. There was a prize to be won by the group that completed the puzzle first. We all got to work, different strategies. Trust me, I got all the edges together and my team was making progress. However, we realised that we couldn’t complete the puzzle as hard as we tried because some pieces just did not fit in. We kept trying to force them in until a member from one of the other groups mentioned that they had the same problem. Just the fact that we realised that we had similar issues made us check out the random pieces they had, and they had some of the pieces we needed whilst we had some of the pieces they needed...

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Wet Spills

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wet floor

When I was a kid, my mum used to be almost paranoid about spills and wet floors and for good reason too. Water spills are reputed as one of the major causes of domestic and industrial accidents. Unlike other liquids that would often leave a stain, water because of its colourlessness was a danger that one hardly noticed, reason wet floors are reputed to be one of the most prevalent dangers to both the spiller and an innocent passer-by. This is because the spiller may not recall that there was a spill and an innocent passer-by would be totally oblivious to it as well.

Usually, around construction sites or offices, when floors are being cleaned, there is a big yellow hazard sign indicating that there was a spill and that the floor is wet so we become extra careful when walking past and more a...

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Behind the Scenes

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construction site

On my daily commute, I go past one of two routes depending on the time. It’s like clockwork such that sometimes without mentally committing myself, I find myself driving along the route. I am sharing this to explain how familiar this route is and how much I felt I noticed along my work trips.

Along this commute, there was a very busy intersection, an area with a few people selling early morning snacks such as dundun and akara for instance. After a while, I noticed that the area was sealed off and the road side sellers had to relocate. Guess what? I drove past there literally every day and soon became accustomed to the high solid fence erected to cordon off the area. It became normal to me not to see any activity there. Just a fence and the road.

So you can imagine how pleasantly surprise...

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LOUD IT: Jehovah Overdo!!!

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jehovaah overdo

I know there’s some of us who need encouragement and that’s why I love testimonies so. They serve as reminders that God did it for someone else. They remind us of God’s might and assure us that if He did it for others. He will do it for us too. They encourage us when we find ourselves in similar circumstances

Today, I am glad to share the testimony of my friend and sister. Infact, she is almost my name sake. I met her first 7 years ago when we belonged to the same praise team/choir. She was diligent and served the Lord with her talent. I knew she was trusting the Lord for a baby but it was really inspiring to see her commit time diligently to service whilst she waited. Here’s her testimony.

“Where do I begin? God has been faithful to me and knowing Him is the biggest testimony of a...

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Being vs. Doing…

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being vs doing

When we were much younger some of my siblings walked on their toes. My grandparents, uncles and aunties all had fun saying to them to put their feet down. LOL!!! Just the memory of it has me in stitches. Not sure if it was a paternal or maternal legacy but it was passed on to us anyway. As they grew older, they stopped tip toeing and retained a slight bounce in their steps. But it was cool, nothing to worry about really. The very obvious tip toeing was done or was it?

A few weeks ago, I saw a video of my niece walking on her toes, exactly like my sister used to and I heard my sister saying to her to put her feet down just like my mum used to. I laughed until my sides hurt. It felt like a very ‘de javu’ moment...

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Letter to Hauwa…

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Gods waiting room

My dear Hauwa,

I think this is a good time to share with you how I’m learning to wait on the Lord. I trust that it will help you as you journey through 2016.

As a single adult waiting on God for a mate amongst other things, I certainly have learned what it means to wait and for this reason  Isaiah 40:31 rings true, especially for me; “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

I used to dread waiting but God has shown me that waiting can be a good thing...

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It was October 5 2015, as I drove to work that day; I tuned my radio to listen to Smooth 98.1’s 7:30 am ‘Freshly Pressed.’ It turned out that it was World Teachers Day. The presenters took time to appreciate their fondest teachers and encouraged everyone to do same; very nostalgic memories that program turned up.

I realized then that I wanted to say thank you to my after school Common Entrance tutor. The first memory of inspiration to really stretch my mental capacity, outside of my parents and immediate family, came from him and taking those lessons. Over the years, however, I had never gotten to thank him...

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Mercy over Judgment

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Mercy Over Judgment

On my route to and from work every day, I have to commute via a toll plaza. The way the plaza is set up, there is an e-tag lane for prepaid clients who have a tag affixed to their windshields and ensures a much faster drive through an express lane. That’s the fastest lane. The next option for prepaid users is to join the next lane, the scanner still reads off the windshield but drivers can also physically swipe their cards at the card reader, so it is more convenient than cash payments but slower relative to the express lane and then there are several cash lanes.

One thing I find very distasteful is motorists who bypass traffic by waiting until the last possible moment before merging with the queue, a situation which we often refer to as ‘cutting’ or in Nigerian parlance ‘shunting...

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LOUD IT: He turned it

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turned it

This is the third testimony in the LOUD IT series. If you missed the previous posts, see them here.  Transformation Agenda and Faith in the Faithfulness of God.

I am dedicating today’s testimony to Hammed Ajiboye my friend. He loved the LOUD IT series especially and was encouraged by it until God called him home a few days ago.  Hammed, I wish you were here to read this and do all those great things you dreamed but I am assured you are FREE. You are with the Lord now. Rest on friend.

“My name is Kome.

This is my story.

I didn’t really think anything was wrong with me until 1993. I had just turned 10 and then I started falling seriously sick, and frequently so...

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LOUD IT : Transformation Agenda

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transformation 1

Welcome to the second half of the year. I apologize for my silence for most of the first half. Forgive me. I’m back now.

I feel God inspiring me to share testimonies this month, to amplify the workings of God around me. I feel some of us are getting weary of believing, and I am sharing a few testimonies to show that God Can!!! I think we may not be telling the stories of what God does in our lives enough, so the theme is ‘LOUD IT’.

The biggest testimony I have ever heard or seen is one about the miracle of transformation of a man by the Spirit. God expects that, when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are radically changed.

Therefore if any person is [ingrafted] in Christ (the Messiah) he is a new creation (a new creature altogether); the old [previous moral and spirit...

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Me and my e-tag

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lcc plaza

But I have this [one charge to make] against you: that you have left (abandoned) the love that you had at first [you have deserted Me, your first love].Remember then from what heights you have fallen. Repent (change the inner man to meet God’s will) and do the works you did previously [when first you knew the Lord]… Revelation 2:4-5 AMP

I currently reside somewhere along the Lekki Axis and the Lekki Toll Plaza is a part of my daily commute. When the Admiralty toll plaza was first opened, the operators announced that there was an option of pre-payments for frequent users. With these options came discounted rates, saving 10% and more if the trips were more frequent...

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Don’t hide your wounds!

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As kids, we often got into some mischief and ended up with bruises and cuts. Then the cut would be disinfected and cleaned thoroughly and antibiotic powder sprinkled and then layered with gauze and then a plaster would be slapped across and then that tetanus shot we would have to take and then we would need to go for dressing every other day until the wound healed. As it began to heal, it often would itch but the itching was what assured us it was healing and it would begin to dry out. But this was only if we exposed the wound in the first place.

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I fell…

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i fell 4

I remember it just like yesterday. I was an SS2 student in a Federal Government College and we were a few terms away from being the guys in charge. It was a Tuesday evening and on Tuesday evenings we had rice and beef stew for dinner. Typically, we went straight to night prep classes from dinner so everyone had to wash or clean their plates and put same in their bags and head to class. For some reason, I didn’t do dinner with any of my friends that day. I wonder where Edirin was, I wonder even now. LOL.

It was a long dining room and quite close to the exit door was a sink for us to wash our hands/plates as we left the dining hall. So it was that on that day, I was walking out briskly since I was alone and there was no one to make small talk with...

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Spoiling a good thing…

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Haste spoils wonder

My dear friend recently concluded the 40 days beginning of the year fast declared by Daddy Adeboye for the RCCG family. Infact, he missed a day and had to do 2 days extra to compensate. Then at the end of the fast, just at the thought of freedom to eat whatever he wanted, my friend went all out. His pepper threshold is really high so he had several helpings of rice and a rich pepper turkey stew until he was fully satiated and some and then he slept soundly. After all, for the past 42 days he had been fasting. LOL

You know how, when on a long fast, the digestive system shuts down partially or completely and all the energy is redirected. If you have cleaned out well, the stomach and the intestines are clean and require time for the digestive system to prepare itself for food again...

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The Circle of Life

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Dearly beloved people,

How are we all doing? The sun is setting on 2014, I can hardly believe we are a few hours away from a curtain call for 2014.

“We are open books and part of conquering is that we leave nothing in the shadows… People who like to hurt other people will find tools, but then we must never live in the burden of secrecy. We are the ones who live free. We are the circumcision who worship Christ, rejoice in the Spirit and lose confidence in the flesh. Our lives remain an epistle to be read by all men…”- Moses Ida-Michaels

The above quote is the confidence we have to be open with our successes and failures especially when we realise that the Bible itself is balanced...
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The Unseen Eye

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unseen eye

Some days ago, my team hosted a video conference meeting. It’s a monthly meeting scheduled for 8 am. Being the hosts, we were there ahead of the scheduled time.  This day however, as we connected with one of the regions, we noticed the cleaning staff in the room. The guy was totally oblivious of any third party and was zealously cleaning and singing along side.  We watched him for over 5 minutes, switching songs (we could hear him singing the songs obviously playing on his phone via his headphones) as he assiduously arranged the meeting room and left. All the while he didn’t know that he was being watched, and not just by one person.

Then as we talked about how people could be watching when you least expected, I thought about the role of discreet observation in recruitment, and the sub...

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The 6 personality styles: Which are you?

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6 approaches

I have been studying the book of Acts and feeling more inspired than ever to share the gospel of the kingdom everywhere like the early church did. But like many of us, oftentimes I feel constrained because I do not have the ‘depth’ or ‘utterance’ like some people I know so I refrain from sharing altogether.  However, I have recently been reminded that we are all called to minister, even if we are not all called to ministerial offices like pastors and evangelists. By God’s design, we are all different and so my personality determines, or at least impacts, the style of evangelism/ministration  that I could adopt.

In this post, I am going to share very briefly on six effective evangelistic styles inspired by a little exhortation I was recently blessed by...

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The MakeOver

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makeover 2

Recently, I was involved in a renovation project and even I am amazed by the insight it brought and I am going to share it here.

Mr and Mrs. X lived in their own home alongside their kids. They had built and moved into the house several years ago and become quite comfortable in the house as it was. Now and then a few things went bad and needed to be fixed and they would invite skilled work men to fix that area. But recently, one thing after another, they decided that it was time to do a full blown renovation.  They just decided to do more than simply rearrange and repair one at a time, it was time to look at the entire house holistically and have an entire makeover...

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Look Up!

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Hello Lovely People,

I watched this video today and just had to share…

Look Up- Gary Turk
“I have 422 friends, yet I am lonely.
I speak to all of them everyday, yet none of them really know me.The problem I have sits in the spaces between,
looking into their eyes, or at a name on a screen.I took a step back, and opened my eyes,
I looked around, and then realised
that this media we call social, is anything but
when we open our computers, and it’s our doors we shut.

All this technology we have, it’s just an illusion,
of community, companionship, a sense of inclusion
yet when you step away from this device of delusion,
you awaken to see, a world of confusion.

A world where we’re slaves to the technology we mastered,
where our information gets sold by some rich greedy bastard.
A world ...

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stand 2

I’ve been going through what I would call an overwhelming season and I’ve been encouraging myself and just going on, trusting God in the midst of my many contradictions and choosing instead to believe that GOD not only CAN but that HE WILL. In this season, I have experienced times of immense strength and encouragement, as well as times when I just want to break down and cry, and more often than not, a light streams in through the window, a phone call comes in to encourage me, a scripture drops in my spirit that comforts me, or someone randomly tweets a scripture at me that lifts me.

Today was one of the breakdown and cry days; but then, I realized I really hadn’t sat down and spoken to God about what I was really going through of recent...

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