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The Lilac Slip…

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my bright lilac slip

Each time I take my laundry to the dry cleaners, the receiver spends precious time shaking the clothes out to check for any defects. Are there any tough stains that look like they will require special care? Is there any rip or tear in the lining or outfit, is there a button missing or is the hem undone? They take special note of all these and receive my clothing.

Guess what? When I pick my clothes up, for the stains they could not handle or any other defects they noticed, they leave me a lilac slip in the inner seam indicating that although they have tried their best, it is still imperfect. Sometimes, I am just getting to know there is a stain or defect, in the very place where I took my outfit to be cleaned. Only I can see it, but it does not make it any easier for me...

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