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The Push Start Button!

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push start

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

Sometime ago, I drove a car with a push start ignition for the first time, and yes it was a really cool drive (I can already imagine you laughing). I was at my uncle’s and he asked me to help fill his gas tank. He handed me the key; the car in question is one of those really huge jeeps. I really felt like ‘dodging’ (I don’t enjoy driving very much, and driving big vehicles scare me), but I couldn’t. Besides, he said ‘please’ so many times that I had no choice but to accede to his request. So I had my cousin tag along and we drove to the station, having a really nice time gisting and playing music on the way...

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The Bus Driver

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Yesterday I remembered a story Pastor Poju once shared. My big sister, Salt, shared the CD with me in January 2014, and yesterday God brought it to my memory. Since it has been on my spirit all day, I decided to share it today.

The Bus Driver!

One morning, an old experienced man who had lived in the same neighborhood for a long time and commuted daily via bus on the same route made his way to the bus stop and waited for the bus. Not too long afterwards, he was joined by a little boy. The boy got to the bust stop and walked a little farther down and stood. He was obviously also waiting for the same bus as the old man.

The Old Man was a good man and he called out to the young boy...

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LOUD IT: Triple for my Troubles!

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triple 1

Today,  in the LOUD IT series, I’m sharing my sistafriend Adaeze’s testimony. If you missed the previous posts, please check them out here. Faith in the Faithfulness of God, He turned it, and Transformation Agenda.

“Growing up as an only daughter with three brothers, I was somewhat spoilt. My parents and brothers doted on me and my perception of life was simple. My adult life started great as well. I was a fun spirited young woman who had everything going well for her; got a great job within 3 months or so of completing the mandatory youth service in a choice bank, and just had things falling step by step into place based on the picture I had drawn for myself. I’m sure you know that place where everything just feels picture perfect...

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