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My uncle has motion detector light bulbs installed at his residence and the lights come on when there is movement around them. It is almost magical; as I park my car and step out, the security light just by the front door comes on and goes off soon after I make my way in, and provided there is power, the lights respond to me as I move through the house. However, I realized that if I stayed in one place without movement, even though the light had responded to my previous movement, it would go off. So I could be right underneath the motion sensitive light bulb but I would be in darkness because I stopped moving. Mid staircase, there is another of such bulbs, it doesn’t come on until I take one step onto the staircase, then and only then does the indicator pick my body warmth. Sometimes, it is dark at the bottom of the staircase so I am unable to see the entire staircase until I take a step onto the first step and move into the darkness. I can then see the light for the rest of the journey because the lights come on.

You see, those lights have taught me several lessons. We are very often close to the light we need but we fail to see it because we fail to move. Have you tried to do something before and committed yourself to it? You will be amazed how step after step brings such illumination your way. You will see doors open and resources line up and show themselves almost like all the forces of the universe were committed to making your dreams come to pass, as long as you kept moving.

Our action or inaction is based on our faith. We tend to often act in line with what we believe and so the true proof that we believe is in what we do about what we believe. In my church, we are on a 40-day journey of action, and here is an excerpt from our bulletin for today: “When God gives us a dream, a vision or an insight, the evidence that we believe it is tied to the degree of action we take. The dream, vision or insight has been given to transform our present condition and life to something more like the life God wants for us.”   Just like the aforementioned lights respond only to movement, many times, we stand still waiting for conditions to turn out right, for the lights to come on and the paths to become clear; but maybe the lights are inactive and are just waiting for us to make a move, to keep moving.

Starting today, it doesn’t matter how long you have had to wait for your dream to come true or how long you have waited for the lights to come on. You may be busy looking for the light switch when the light needs you to move so it can come on. Take a new step of faith this week. Try again; don’t stay in the same place. Perhaps the light came on for you but now it’s gone off,  and you think it’s because you are in the wrong place. Maybe it is because you stopped moving. Make that phone call, talk to that person, draw up that plan, start small, MAKE THAT MOVE. Do Something!!!

You have been created for good works. “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” Eph. 2:10

Go Flourish!!!

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7 comments to Make that Move!

  • lahmeet  says:

    wow! Posted something like this on my blog yesterday! Are you my long lost twin? 😀 Great post! Love the light illustration… Kindly check my post and lemme know what you think? Thanks :)

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thanks dear. LOL…Thank you for being here. Will definitely check your post out. Thanks for the bloglove. Twins yeah? We still have time to authenticate our ‘twinship’, so worry not. #Bless

  • Margaret  says:

    Fear is a ‘shadow’ that keeps us from taking that leap. I activate 2 Tim 1:7. God bless you real good. Much love always

  • Olusegun  says:

    It is very instructive. The path becomes clearer as we move. The light is waiting to turn on when we move. May we not remain and perish. May we find the wisdom of God to step into Jordan. Thanks for sharing this my dearly beloved sister.

  • chidera  says:

    very educative and insteuctive

  • Richard Chilee  says:

    It takes faith to see the stars at night. It takes faith to hear the silent voice that encourages us to move on. It takes faith to make the next move in the midst of a raging storm.

  • precious kc George  says:

    lovely! what a great post. yes as Richard opined, it takes faith to see the stars at night, to walk down a broken stairs. faith is everything. Thanks for this post.
    have a wonderful weekend.
    much love, George.

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