God CAN! God WILL!!

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God can 1

 Ah Lord God! Behold, Thou hast made the heaven and the earth by Thy great power and outstretched arm; and there is nothing too hard for Thee. Jer. 32:17

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me? Jer. 37:27

My friend’s husband has always typically done something really special for his wife on her birthday and tagged us all along year after year and trust me, the look on her face has always been worth the trouble. This year, we all wondered what he would do and how he would pull it off especially after the amazing surprise he pulled off last year.  Well, he planned a surprise birthday party for her at their home, right under her nose on a Sunday afternoon, outsourcing every detail so she wouldn’t even sniff a clue or sneak in on him whispering on a phone call. Now picture this, she went home with him after church and then they left to visit with neighbours in their estate (who by the way were in on the surprise). Now, to her, that visit to the neighbours may have meant, “what a normal Sunday this will be, I will just come back home and take a nap,” but that was the cue to set up everything; the caterers, decorators, guests, everybody was on standby. By the time she returned in an hour and a half, she was shocked to her marrows.  The house was nothing like she remembered. What she may have considered the sign that ‘nothing’ was happening was the sign that ‘everything’ was happening.


A few minutes earlier, it looked all normal but behind the scenes so much was going on and it took no time to set up the house. That reminds me of how we get so disillusioned because we wake up to a ‘same same’ day, and we do not ‘see’ how anything is going to change. We know God CAN but we don’t think He WILL, at least not today. If only we knew what was going on behind the scenes, perhaps we would rest a little more in Him.


God can 3

Have you ever sat at a dining table/ meeting room where everyone but you was in on a big plan to surprise you?  Now look back, did you notice something different in the air? You were sitting there without a clue but everything was conspiring to bring joy to you. That’s what it is like when God’s word goes forth. We may not know what is happening but behind the scenes, He is at work and everyone around us is knowingly or unknowingly working in His plan.  Let’s picture a small scenario, the President makes an announcement, say, “I want a Federal University in all 36 States;” that’s all it takes for the Ministers of Education, Lands and Survey, Finance et al to begin to plan. As soon as the word goes forth, it sets things in motion for the actualization.

God can

So, it’s June already and you may just have walked into your ‘house’ and it all looks same same.  Nothing much has changed and you are losing faith because you haven’t even the most remote clue that things are changing or are about to change.  I would like to remind you that God not only CAN, He WILL, and that there is so much going on behind the scenes; just hold on in faith and believe.  If your faith is premised only on what you can see happening, like my friend who left an empty house and had no reason to expect more, you will be sorely surprised.

Has God’s word concerning you gone forth? It doesn’t return void. Put the omnipotence of God in context and have faith that God is working behind the scenes, so that even when you cannot understand at all, like Job, you will say “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”. Let those signs that seem to challenge you and seem like God is doing nothing, by faith, be for you instead the signs that all is about to change. It is always darkest just before dawn.

Have faith. GOD CAN! GOD WILL!!

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27 comments to God CAN! God WILL!!

  • Hammed  says:

    Good post… God is indeed Willing and Able. If only we will have faith. R

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you for stopping by Hammed. Yes, God can and He will.

  • Sarah  says:

    God can, God will! I believe!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Yes dear!!! God can. God will. God bless you.

  • eks  says:

    WORD!!! Reminds me of the song -. God is able to do just what He says He will do. He’s gonna fulfil EVERY promise to you, don’t give up on God cos He won’t give up on you, He’s able!!!


    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Dear Eks, many thanks for stopping by. Yes, God is ABLE!!! He won’t give up on you. God bless you.

  • Grace  says:

    This is a divinely inspired write up. It drove home the point and opened my mind to even belive God the more. Something is definitely happing behind the scenes for me and I patiently wait to be surprised by the Lord God Almighty!!!! Halleluyah. :)

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Halleluyah!!! Welcome to StupendousGrace dear Grace and we are glad it spoke to you. Yes, God is working behind the scenes and soon, it will show.

  • Hauwa Wonder  says:

    Thanks sis, God bless u real gud. Stay lifted!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Amen!!! Thanks Sis, glad it blessed you. *Hugs*

  • onos  says:

    Wow! Very nice, yes God can and he WILL

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Special First Time Commenter welcome to you Onos, we are glad you stopped by and it blessed you. Yes, take it to the bank, God CAN! God WILL!!

  • Isaacola AA  says:

    Mmm what a timely word. Same word spoken to my spirit two days ago. Thanks for this lovely reminder.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Wow! Thank God for the confirmation. Thank you for always reading Isaac. God bless you.

  • Ebi Wilson  says:

    God can,God will!!! Strongly believe those words.Remain Blessed (E.O)

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thanks Ebi. So glad it spoke to you. God bless you too.

  • itsetosan  says:

    I love the fact that the phrase God can does not end there but continues with God will. ..This is a timely word. Thank you for sharing

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      thanks Itsetosan, that spoke to me too. the fact that God not only can, He will. God bless you for reading, I appreciate.

  • Irene O.  says:

    Yes, God can and He will. This is illuminating and inspiring. I know God is always working behind the scenes to bring me surprises. Believe me, I love surprises. God bless you richly.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you ma’am, it is always so refreshing to have you here. I believe God with you for surprise shortly. He is surely working behind the scenes. God bless you too.

  • Amy  says:

    This indeed is a timely word. God confirms his word and i’m excited already in anticipation of the surprise . Thanks for sharing this God bless you.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you Amy, He does, He certainly does confirm His word. I am excited with you and cant wait for your testimony.

  • moskeda  says:

    Before i read triumph over adversity, i will comment on this. I read it on the day you posted it and it was God speaking to me at that moment.
    God bless you many many many dear.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      God bless you dear Sally and may He always remind you HE CAN and HE WILL!!!

  • moskeda  says:

    My former comment diasppeared o. But i just wanted to say that i read this when you dropped it and knew God was speaking to me. So i’m holding on.
    God bless you much, muchos, plenty, many, exceedingly, extravagantly, mightily!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Fantastic!!! Glad God spoke to you. Please hold on dear, God is working even when it appears as though there is no reason to keep hope alive. He is working behind the scenes and He will surely surely come through in a bigger way than you even expect. *Hugs* and AMEN!!!

  • ARIS  says:

    Truly inspiring, yes I’m just reading this in August. It surely was and still is worth the read, for everyday of the year. God bless you!

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