Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Mirror Mirror

My 12 year old cousin wrote this and I thought to share it on my blog. :-)

“A mirror gives you a reflection of yourself in perfect detail. It feeds back exactly what you give it, from the wrinkles on your forehead to the dark circles that make up helps you conceal ever so often to that pimple you just couldn’t get rid of. Feeling ugly? Check yourself out in the mirror. Feeling fly? Feeling slimmer? Check it all out in the mirror. The mirror says it all…well most of it. The real truth is that the mirror only tells half of the story. Not all princesses wear crowns.

But what of the inside? The half the mirror can’t see? What does that look like? That’s where God comes in. Let God be your mirror and let Him show you who you really are on the inside. You can hide your face from others or wear a smile to mask your pain but you cannot hide from God. Trust me Jonah tried and he ended up in a whales belly for three nights. Open up to God now.

You can’t change what you can’t see. So we need to trust God to reflect the inner workings of our lives to reflect the true beauty, both inside and out.”

Thank you so much Elozino.


This piece reminds me of  the mirror on the wall. We need to recognize that we are noticed by God. As we deal with our legitimate desires to be affirmed, a good place to begin is to live in the knowledge that we have a God who cares for us and sees us through and through with all our ‘skoin skoins’ and yet loves us. He can show us the other half the mirror cannot show and as we seek to be more like Him, our outward shines through too.

Be beautiful on the inside, and see the outward take care of itself.

God bless you!

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3 comments to Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

  • enajyte  says:

    So young and so inspired. God bless you Elozino.

    Yep, we spend so much time primping the outside we forget the inside matters soooo much more.

  • imperfectlyperfect92  says:

    Aawww, Elozino, you are so talented and blessed… if young girls can know right from now that your worth comes from within, that which the mirror cannot quantify..
    God bless you babes as you increase in wisdom.
    And I see the talent/gift of writing runs in the family.. *nice*

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Amen! Dear auntie, thank you for reading. Glad you liked it. – Elozino

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