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He would not permit anyone to carry any household equipment through the temple enclosure [thus making the temple area a short-cut traffic lane].” – Mark 11:16 (AMP)

The text speaks about what Jesus did after He “Cleaned House” at the Temple. He sent home the people at the temple who were ‘robbing,’ and also did something that we all need to pay attention to; He made sure that others would not use the courts of the Temple as a “short-cut traffic lane” anymore. “He would not permit anyone to carry any household equipment through the temple enclosure [thus making the temple area a short-cut traffic lane]”. The temple had a much higher impact and purpose.

make it count

Just like the temple story, in life there are so many paths that you can take to achieve something. However, we find out that there are no short-cuts to the things that matter most in life!  There is a process, a path, to attaining the end result, and failing to recognize it may have us abusing the very pathway that holds our solution. Those people at the temple were just running through the Place where God was, where His Word was, where His Presence was, where forgiveness was, where there was an opportunity to offer prayer. They must have taken it for granted and thought that it was OK to just zip through God’s Place and Presence, for The Bible tells us it had become a “traffic lane.”

make it count1 

God and His Presence is so precious. He is with us all the time and His manifested presence is even more special, for where two or three come together in His name, God is surely there with them. The Presence of God is something to be valued more than life itself!

Do you take God’s Presence for granted? Time with Him is so dear; so when you are going to The House of The Lord, really GO there!  Don’t just run through time at Church, make it count! Don’t concentrate on checking out what Sister B wore, making sketches or mental notes to stop at your designer’s so as to get your copy. It should not be so! When you make time out for your quiet time, allow your time to be solely between you and Him.  Focus on God and His Goodness.  Stop and listen and take some time to actually BE with Him!  Study Him, talk to Him, park and BE with Him!  In the midst of all the busyness of our world, decide to make your time with God count. Don’t zoom through God’s Presence religiously like the people in the temple did.

make it count 2

There is no short-cut to finding God; there will always be a price to pay for the glory we seek, hence we must be willing to enjoy the higher calling of God on our lives and place a demand on His presence. The lives of the people who simply zoomed in and out of the temple remained the same because they made the temple a short-cut traffic lane for their usual activities. It also applies to key relationships that can change our lives or key experiences that we just run through instead of luxuriating in and maximising the opportunities therein. For instance, that mentor whose advice can make all the difference should stay a mentor, don’t make him/her your basic friend, you could lose out on all your ability to gain quality counsel. That not so well paying job could also be the opportunity you have to be stretched and to gain life long qualities of resilience and relevance for the future. Simply running through as though it’s but a temporary hurdle on the way to the finish line may just be failing to make it count, same as one who took being on the temple grounds for granted.

God wants to do unusual things through you; so don’t take His presence for granted! Don’t just pass through. Make the access you have to God as a Father count! Make whatever experiences you go through as a part of your daily life as God permits count! !

19 comments to Make it Count

  • imperfectlyperfect92frances  says:

    Thank you for sharing this Eloho.
    it spoke to me profoundly, will be coming back to re-read..
    no short cuts with our quiet time:focus on God and His Godness in that time+the way it applies to relationships with mentors and jobs and any thing we go through. priceless words from you this morning. God bless you…thank you

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      You are welcome dear Frances. No short cuts all the way…it’s worth the trouble. God bless you more.

  • yougeecash  says:

    Okay, this really spoke to me on different levels but before I go into that, let me quickly lend my voice to yours in saying truly, there’s no short-cut to finding God. It’s all a process. But while it’s a process, we must not go through it casually or religiously (just because). We must go through that process purposefully and with meaning. Knowing that there’s that crown of glory awaiting us at the end, that peace from knowing more about God as we continue relentlessly in our quest for more of Him. Our choices and actions should be as deliberate as possible.
    As for making it count, you said something here that just greatly ministered to me.
    “That not so well paying job could also be the opportunity you have to be stretched and to gain life long qualities of resilience and relevance for the future. Simply running through as though it’s but a temporary hurdle on the way to the finish line may just be failing to make it count…”
    Let’s just say I’m kinda in that place right now and this was really timely. I feel a lot more encouraged now. God bless u sis. Thank you.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Wow! I am so excited at your comment. Glad it spoke to you. Stay encouraged dear and make a conscious decision to ‘make it count’. No half measures, do all you do with all your might.

  • Eden sue  says:

    In as much as we feel the need to be in a hurry we have to realize that with God, its a different ball game. am in that place where there is there is so much going on and I just want to treat God’s word with the same attitude as is with any other random thing and get great results. Thank you for helping me realize that shortcuts are not obtainable with my maker. God bless you aunty.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Exactly dear. Glad it spoke to you. God bless your heart.

  • enajyte  says:

    Ah! At first I took the short-cut quite literally (let’s say I’m guilty of cutting through the church compound ‘cos it’s a quicker route).

    Then it hit me. It’s saying ‘sup Lord’ every morning while struggling to wear my shoes and eat breakfast at the same time. Giving Him a half hearted wave with my head on my pillow at night. Yawning through mass on Sunday and praying the priest hurries up so I can catch my show on tv.

    When I can be so much more with Him. When I can “Stop and listen and take some time to actually BE with Him! Study Him, talk to Him, park and BE with Him!”

    Gracias darling sis.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Ha ha ha, that was funny, the literal interpretation that is.
      I love love your comment. Thanks for bringing the post to life, now this is going to stick…
      God bless you and thanks for always being here.

  • vikie_carson  says:

    Lovely post. Bet why am I having difficulty in subscribing to your blog?

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      So sorry about that. I have manually subscribed you now. Glad to have you here

  • naijawife  says:

    I’m working on not just trying to pass through. Sometimes i think “my past prayers” will provide for my present and neglect to do the work i need to do today to develop my relationship with Christ.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Yup. I totally feel you on this one. We will keep actively desiring more of God so that we aren’t just living on yesterday’s grace. God bless you.

  • Charles Williams  says:

    That January night call…’In all you do seek the Lord’ still ring in my ears daily and now i am gonna make it count in my life…
    Thanks for the inspiration Sis!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Awww…God bless you always. You are welcome.

  • tenderonii  says:

    Thank you dear for this……God needs our attention and we owe him our full attention. I started putting this to work in my life and it has proved to be much more rewarding than the short cuts I used to take. I trust that God wants the best for us, so whatever he asks us to do, we must know that it’s not to make him better, but to make Us, we ourselves much better.
    God bless you dear and thanks again for the motivation.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      God bless you. What more is there to add to this comment? Glad that giving God your attention is proving rewarding for you. God truly wants the best for us and doing what He asks us to do how He wants us to is for our own good.

  • Eloho | Blarrq 'n' Wyat  says:

    […] I hear his voice faintly, softly but I am unsure […]

  • Emilia  says:

    Interesting Read

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you for reading, glad to have you here Emilia.

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