Journey Management

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Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed. Proverbs 15:22

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. Proverbs 24:3-4

A few weeks ago, I went to Houston to visit with my dear friend and sister @earthenvessel. I had looked forward to that trip as we had a few things planned ahead, one of which was a Sunday visit to Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. The Saturday before, @earthenvessel said to me that she had previously attended a service at Lakewood. She didn’t drive, but accompanied a friend who drove. And so for our Sunday trip, she initiated what she called ‘Journey Management’. She checked online for the route confirmation and planned the journey from her house to Lakewood, taking note of roadmarks along the way and making her own guide. She was really sleepy and struggled with this map of hers as though it was the only way to make it there.

Owing to the fact that it was her first time of driving to Lakewood, we also left quite early, to give us time. So there she was in the driver’s seat whilst I was on the passenger’s seat holding this our special map. We had the GPS navigation system on but she had said we were going to ignore it on this journey and I agreed.  We commenced our journey from her house to Lakewood, checking for all the landmarks and we got there successfully, and in good time. I have since adapted this experience and learned not a few lessons from which I would love to share.

know yourself

1. Know yourself.

My friend was quite self-aware. She was very clear on the fact that, we needed help to make that trip. She did not assume and that knowledge prompted her to embark on the journey management project in the first place. Acknowledging my limitations and strengths is important for life’s journey. It puts me in good stead to plan, take on challenges and recognize and ask for help when needed.

it's your journey

2. Own your journey.

She had been to Lakewood before, yes, even though she wasn’t the one that drove; she could have assumed that sitting in the passenger’s seat meant that she had enough experience to go ahead without additional help. No she didn’t. That you have heard Mr. A or Mrs. B’s story or that you were privy to another man’s struggles doesn’t qualify you for yours or exempt you from the need to prepare

road sign

3. Identifying your roadmarks helps others support you.

I wasn’t driving, but because she had drawn the map, we were able to identify the key roadmarks we needed to look out for. I thus was able to identify them whilst she concentrated on driving. The fact that she had taken time out to plan enabled me act in a support role. I was able to cheer her when we crossed each of them and finally arrived at our destination. Knowing where you are headed and the milestones on the way enables others encourage you or just support you as you journey.

GPS navigation

4. Sometimes you need to ignore the GPS.

As we headed out, we ignored the GPS several times and stuck to our plan. Somewhere along the way, we eventually were aligned. We consciously ignored all the prompts, and every time we ignored it, the GPS recalculated and offered yet another suggestion. Every day, there are books and seminars and everyone offering us principles, like GPS suggestions. Everyone has their own  story for instance and based on all the stories we have heard, we sometimes expect same for ourselves. We must be able to strip the stories of the principles, and hold on to the principles, realizing that we all have our individual circumstances that may require a bespoke plan for our journey.


5. Even if the GPS is your perfect roadmap, missing it is not the end!

Every time we ignored the GPS, the destination did not change; it simply recalculated and gave us new instructions. If we quickly adjusted and accepted the new instructions, we would have begun a fresh journey to the same destination. Oftentimes, we mourn our mistakes so much that we keep missing those instructions and driving further and further away from our destination. When God is our GPS, we are blessed. Should we miss it, He forgives us and offers us a new set of instructions. The devil it is that makes us wallow in guilt and the past, for his own agenda, so that we can continue walking in disobedience and missing further instructions.

how bad do you want it 2

6. You must really want it.

We had been out all of Saturday and were tired. There was good reason to give up on making our own plan and leaving the house really early. But @earthenvessel stuck to it, groggy eyed and all. There will always be valid reasons that militate against proper journey management, chief of which will be laziness and procrastination. You will probably opt for the common path (GPS) style and never identify your individual journey. But if you really want something, you’ll find the impetus to go for it.

Our journey was most successful as we arrived way before the service, got great seats in front and sat through the SoundCheck which turned out to be a special worship service ahead of the service. It was all worth the trouble and driving back home was just a breeze. I hope you learned as much as I did from this experience. Life is a journey, it’s advisable to consider ‘JOURNEY MANAGEMENT’.

Thank you so much @earthenvessel


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39 comments to Journey Management

  • Charles  says:

    Principles are universal, experiences are unique.
    Your nuggets are rich in wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      You are welcome Charles. It is a privilege to share. Thanks for always being here. God bless you.

  • Giwa olaoluwa  says:

    Grt 1 @eloxie pls keep d fire burning

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thanks Olaolu. God bless you!

  • naijawife  says:

    I would love to go to that church one day. I hear it’s a real experience. I hope you’ll write more about the service?
    As always – you’ve shared some real wisdom here

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Dear NW, yes, I agree that it is an experience and believe some things are better experienced first hand. I’m trusting that soon, you’ll be able to visit yourself. Hmm, sharing my experience? let’s see about that. I’m also glad you gleaned some wisdom therein. Thank you so much for always being here. God bless you.

  • Agatha Onuwaje  says:

    I have never looked at the concept of ‘journey management’ quite in that light! As always Spirit articulated wisdom; welldone!

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thanks dear Agatha. God bless you for reading, glad it was just as fresh for you as it was for me. Thank God for Spirit articulated wisdom. :-) Without Him, we are nothing.

  • Favoredwoman  says:

    Welcome back dear, I’m sure u r well rested.
    Life is truly a journey and every individual is accountable for himself/ herself.
    Every journey has a beginning point and an end point. God has given us resources to freshen us as we journey thru life.
    You were able to get to ur destination in good time without breaking a sweat because u pre-planned and took into consideration all other variables.
    Thanks for sharing dear.
    P.S: email all the candy to my box.

  • Kiah  says:

    I draw a map too! Lol…first thing I installed on my phone was Google maps. It has saved my time more times than I can count.

    This was all kinds of reflective and inspiring… You are so wise-i want to be like you when I grow up :)

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      My very dear Kiah, i’m glad it blessed you. I totally feel you on the Google Maps stuff by the way, even though I know people who swear by GPS. I want to be able to write just a little like you when I grow up. Asking to write like you is being greedy. He he he. Love you sis. God bless you. :-)

  • Seun Odukoya  says:

    As always…

    A blessing. Thank you.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you Seun. God bless you!

  • Favoredwoman  says:

    Welcome back dear, I’m sure you are well rested.
    Life is truly a journey and every journey has a beginning point and an end point.
    Every individual is responsible for himself/ herself but God has given us resources to freshen us as we journey through life.
    You were able to get to your destination in good time without breaking a sweat because you pre-planned and took into account all possible variables.
    Having Wisdom is one thing but applying Gods wisdom is the WAY to journey.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    P.S: email all( and I mean all) the candy to my box for inspection.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      My very dear Sis, God bless you. This is such a concise summary, thank you for putting it all together like this.
      I appreciate you.
      Hugs right back at you.
      Kindly advise on how to email all the candy to your box for this inspection, you know I’m a learner. :-)

  • Abeonekaenobi  says:

    Eloho! This is so timely for me. Welldone as always. I pray God will continually replenish you

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Wow! thank God for that. He surely is always on time. AMEN!!! God bless you too dear.

  • yougeecash  says:

    As always, you bring us so much wisdom from seemingly simple, random events. Journey management. The need to plan, avoid distractions, move on after mistakes, be determined to make it through… So much wisdom in your words sister. You are a blessing! This was a great read :)

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you my darling. You are so welcome. Thanks for being such an encouragement. I love you!

  • sally  says:

    As always, I learn from u. God bless u dear

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Awww, thank God dear. I’m honoured to be able to share stuff that you find helpful. God bless you dear Sally. Stay strong. Hugs!

  • peace  says:

    Wow! Such wisdom! Tnx for sharing. I learnt alot

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      You are very welcome darling. God bless you!

  • Hauwa  says:

    Wow!Interesting analogy,thanks for sharing this sis; a real eye opener. More grace always xoxo

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Hello my darling sister, thanks so much for the encouragement. God bless you.

  • peace  says:

    Really nice, I especially like the parts where you said we sometimes (maybe most times) need to strip the stories out of the principles and just go with the basic principle since we are all different, with different personalities and stories and that though we may go astray, God will always accept us back – when we come back – and give us new set of instructions and directions (that leads to our preordained destination).

    Aaah! Yes, Knowing yourself – your strengths and weakness – is very essential. Very very very essential.

    We both may be headed the same way or you may have been where I’m going but due to our individuality, the journey (the process) would definitely have it’s differences, So we should learn to not depend solely on other people’s experiences and lessons and stories and map.

    All in all, this post is simply beautiful. I learnt a lot.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Oh my dear Peace, this your summary is just it. There isnt anything more to say.
      God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you!

  • idoriangreatness  says:

    Thanks for sharing, i don learn something from dis write up !

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      You are welcome Hopi. God bless you. :-)

  • frances  says:

    And I can’t believe that I just saw this blog.issorite sha.
    Thanks for sharing,what really jumped at me was adjusting,and following a new journey to same destination.dats just d way it is,mistakes may want to derail us frm our goal bt if we turn dem arnd 4good,we’ll definitely still get to a glorious end.
    Thanks again,great nuggets of wisdom here

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Welcome aboard!
      What jumped at you is truly insightful. Oftentimes, we wallow is self pity and regret when God has since moved past our mistakes and provided a new set of instructions to the same destination. It may be longer, but God is with us all the same. WE must learn to see God’s unconditional love for us and align with His ‘Sea of Forgetfulness’ agenda. He forgives us and restores us. thanks for reading and commenting. Very encouraging to see…

  • Sophie Neeze  says:

    In recent times, my vocabulary seems to shrink when I’m confronted with Wisdom. All I can say is… Wow!

    Bless you, hon, and thanks for sharing. Xx

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Ha, ha, ha. Thanks Sophie Neeze, God bless you. You know you are always welcome to share here. :-)

  • Sarah  says:

    Great lessons to learn. Often times i procastinate and defer my “be prepared” actions. Other times peoples opinions matter more and so i dont know me/my path like I should.

    Thank you Stupendous grace its always a pleasure to read and learn from your blog.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      It’s a privilege to have you here dear Sarah. I pray that God gives you all the grace you need to deal your ‘be prepared’ actions. I have that challenge sometimes too. God is an ever present help and His Spirit is able to guide us into all truth, even about who we are and what our path should be. Much love dear.

  • enajyte  says:

    God bless you! Wonderful insight.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Amen dear! God bless you too.

  • Uchechi  says:

    Every day, there are books and seminars and everyone offering us principles, like GPS suggestions. Everyone has their own  story for instance and based on all the stories we have heard, we sometimes expect same for ourselves. We must be able to strip the stories of the principles, and hold on to the principles, realizing that we all have our individual circumstances that may require a bespoke plan for our journey.<<<<<<<that sunk in deep.thanks

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thanks dear. Very timely reminder too…Hold on to the principles. Glad that it blessed you. :-)

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