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My Cold Shower

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Stones on the sea

I love me a hot bath, to be honest, that’s something that will come up if I had to write a list of ten things I love. I cannot endure a cold shower.  I remember when I was in boarding school, I was one of those who needed to psych herself up to take those cold baths. I would sing, count from 1 to 10, just do something to get me to receive the baptism of cold water. Infact, those 2 or so minutes were subtly included in my bath time estimate (I chuckle).  My dad could never understand how after all that time in boarding school, I would still come home and refuse a cold shower.  According to him, I should have acquired the habit; well, I never did.  So, in the many years post boarding school,  I have stayed away from cold showers, far far away...

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A few months ago, I was chatting with a colleague in his mid-thirties, let us simply refer to him as ‘Mr.X’. Mr. X has two young children aged 8 and 10 whom he regards very fondly. He is a professional banker who does well on his job. However, he’s featured in my story today because he had his ear lobe pierced as a teen. I remember with laughter how he tried to explain that away to his kids every time they asked. He has never been able to convince them he said and so they keep asking. How does he explain that in youthful exuberance he had his ear lobe pierced but would not want his son to do same? He says that it feels so pedestrian now, almost 20 years afterwards ...

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I grew up in a town in southern Nigeria and made plans to go visit with my family over the Sallah holidays. Last week, as I talked about my impending trip home, one of my younger colleagues asked me about the bats. Bats? I looked at him a little confused and stunned. Then he said to me that there were bats around the city centre where the traditional ruler’s palace was located. Okay, there was a defensive part of me that was looking to challenge him and rebut what he said, after all I grew up there and felt I knew the town...

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As a child, I grew up on the campus of a Federal University in Southern Nigeria. At the time, everything worked, we had lush green lawns, mostly uninterrupted power supply and there was order and security there. The street lights worked and we had a directory right by the PABX lines with which we could call everyone else who lived on the campus. When we talked about our friends, our parents could easily tell from the surname whose children they were. We had bicycle riding competitions, football competitions and the girls played 10-10, Monopoly , Scrabble, and the Name, Animal, Place and Thing game. Yes we did go out of the campus but mostly to parties or to visit with family and family friends so to a large extent, that was the world as I knew it.

Then I went to boarding secondary school i...

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