I love my Big Brother…

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Today is my BIG BROTHER’s birthday and I just want to say I love my big Brother…

He’s been in my life all my life, LOL!!!  Very quietly protective and one of my strongest cheerleaders to date; ‘don’t worry He says, everything is going to be alright’.  With his very gentle, polite and courteous demeanour despite towering at 6ft4. He always has a smile and a gentle handshake with his large palms. He is ever so reliable, dependent and sacrificial, he’s not a man of many words but when push comes to shove, and even before that I can count on him always to come through for me. My first male friend, still my today friend…

I have so many memories of Big Brother moments, from just growing up at home and having my parents remind me ‘he is your elder brother’ or going away to boarding school with him and having him just stretch himself to share with me when I came up with my whinning or quickly take up my Fine Arts project and do it when I seemed to do a bad job of it or just make a decision when my indecisiveness stood in my way. In the many years that followed, he would defend us when Dad and Mum seemed to have issues with some things we did or if we just needed to have a voice.  He would take on the issues with them and keep us all out of the way.

Every task, I’ve seen him handle with excellence, regardless of how little it was, inspiring the rest of us to try and just be better. Oh the responsibility of a first born!!!  Till date, he does inspire me; he’s so organized, everything is in a particular place and his day to day budgeting leaves me in awe. When I have a challenge, I know he is a few digits away, and he knows how not to say ‘I told you’, even when I truly deserve to hear them.

Life is too short and in the words of Sophia Nelson, ‘it costs people something to support you and your goals. Say thank you, say I appreciate you. Good people are rare, honour them’

Happy birthday brodamine, these words are truly insufficient to celebrate just what an amazing first son you have been to our parents and what an inspiring big brother you have been to all of us and we just thought to say that we appreciate and  love you!!!


Have a blast today.

Picture source: http://bit.ly/11mGpce

7 comments to I love my Big Brother…

  • freeman  says:

    Wow! What can I say…I love my sister. You da best!
    This your description hmmm…overrated o!! *wink wink

  • Zara  says:

    Awww…so nice. Happy Birthday to your big brother. Learning to celebrate people I love whilst they can read the words. Way better than a poetic eulogy when they are gone, leaving others to read. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for sharing. Lovely picture.

  • Chidozie  says:

    If I am your elder brother, I would have turned pink! Good people indeed are scarce… When I see one I celebrate him or her… Bcos u’re one, I join you to celebrate your elder broda, my elder broda, our elder broda… Mr Maero Freeman! Happy birthday bro, may the Lord remember all ur offerings and sacrifices to ur friends, loved ones, family, relatives and humanity at large.. And bless u in multiple folds… Bcos you have stood for people, no one will be able to stand against you cos God is standing for u! Have a blast bro.

    • Stupendous Grace  says:

      Thank you so much Chidozie. Amen, in Jesus name to your lovely prayers. God bless your heart.

  • Ewa  says:

    Freeman is truly a great guy. Happy Birthday OgheneMaero.

  • sarah  says:

    What a lovely way to celebrate someone!

  • Irene (newbie)  says:

    awwwwww….. that’s so sweet, sibling love is so…………………… That’s a very lovely family picture, very beautiful people.

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